Types of Dental CPD CoursesTypes of Dental CPD Courses

Don’t know which CPD course to take for dental? At Nexlec we have a range of dental CPD courses that you can choose from!

Types of Dental CPD Courses

by Nexlec 

Jun 29, 2022

Types of Dental CPD Courses

Don’t know which CPD course to take for dental? At Nexlec we have a range of dental CPD courses that you can choose from! From maximising hygiene to essentials of oral surgery, you could find courses from different disciplines of dentistry. A few of our popular courses offered are

1. Maximising a hygiene/OHT department:

In this course, you will learn to discuss how COVID-19 may change the ways you work with your hygienist and discover how to seamlessly implement and refine the “five fundamental systems” to maximise your Hygiene/OHT Department. You will learn the essential communication skills you need to have your patients asking to see your hygienist/OHT. Ensuring that the dentist and hygienist/OHT are aligned around practice treatment philosophies and diagnoses and increase patient participation in your practice’s Active Maintenance Program.

This course is run by our expert trainers in a virtual classroom training environment. You will be engaged in a variety of topics using chat tools, question polls, videos and so on!

2. Essentials of oral surgery hands-on course:

Dental extractions are not always straightforward and can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be with prior planning and proper execution. Learn from our OMFS as they take you through lectures, discussion sessions and cases and hands-on workshops in this comprehensive two-day course with Dr Trent Lincoln. IN this course you will learn about:

• Patient and case assessment

• Know your instruments, what to use and when

• Anaesthesia techniques for the hot pulp

• Modern extraction techniques

• Flap design and bone removal

• When to refer

• Interpreting OPGs

• What to do when things go wrong

• Managing the broken root tip

• Suturing

• Post-operative care

3. Essentials of Oral Surgery Hands-on Cadaver course

Working on cadavers provides you with an opportunity to perform procedures you will never be able to get on a plastic model, pig jaw or on a real live patient. This course will help you to know more about surgical extractions, raising flaps, removal of upper molar and so on. The topics that will be covered in this course are:

• Sectionals.

• Raising flaps.

• Suturing.

• Bone Guttering.

• OAC repair.

• Exploratory anatomy

Apart from these, more CPD courses such as appointment booking schedules, handling emergencies, recall systems and many more are available on our website so check it out on our dental page and book your course!

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