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Course Snapshot:

Upper Limb (OT / Hand Therapist) Dry Needling Course (2 Days)

Accredited with the Australian Hand Therapy Association (AHTA). This rigorous process allows our course to be evaluated and you can be assured you will be undertaking a course that has passed the stringent assessment process and is of the highest educational quality by a leader in hand and upper limb education.

An intro/intermediate course for evaluation and treatment of neuromyofascial pain and dysfunction present in both the acute and chronic orthopedic population. This course is suitable for any 4 year degree practitioner who has a special interest in upper limb injuries.

Instruction will include evaluation and application of dry needling of neuromyofascial trigger points for musculature which is considered appropriate at the introductory level of training.

This course consists of a combination of online theory (and theory test) as well as a 2 day practical component which includes a regional anatomy review, needle demonstration followed by a large amount of hands-on supervised practical sessions.

There is also a (non-intimidating) practical test to ensure adequate transfer of knowledge to all course participants.

Trigger point dry needling (TDN) will be presented as a tool to evaluate and treat the neuromuscular system. Both the Gunn and Travell & Simons’ techniques will be discussed and demonstrated. Supporting research will be presented and discussed. Treatment safety will be evaluated throughout the course.

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