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Discover the Level 1 Intro/Intermediate Dry Needling Course, a dynamic 2.5-day journey that equips healthcare professionals to assess and address neuromyofascial pain and dysfunction, whether acute or chronic. This course offers an accessible introduction to the world of dry needling, designed to empower you with practical skills and knowledge.

You'll embark on a comprehensive learning adventure, combining engaging online theory and a hands-on practical component. Dive into regional anatomy review, needle demonstrations, and immersive supervised practical sessions. Fear not, as a friendly, non-intimidating practical test ensures your knowledge transfer.

Experience the power of trigger point dry needling (TDN) as a tool for evaluating and treating the neuromuscular system. Uncover the secrets of both the Gunn and Travell & Simons' techniques, supported by cutting-edge research and unwavering commitment to safety throughout the course.

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