Unlock Your Dental Potential: Explore Three Exclusive Dentistry CoursesUnlock Your Dental Potential: Explore Three Exclusive Dentistry Courses

Are you a dental professional looking to elevate your skills and stay ahead in the dynamic world of dentistry? Look no further. Nexlec.com, your trusted source for continuing education, brings you three exceptional dentistry courses that promise to enhance your knowledge and expertise. Let's dive into what each course has to offer:

Unlock Your Dental Potential: Explore Three Exclusive Dentistry Courses

by Nexlec 

Oct 19, 2023

Unlock Your Dental Potential: Explore Three Exclusive Dentistry Courses

Welcome to Nexlec, the ultimate destination for advancing your dentistry career! We're thrilled to present three groundbreaking courses tailored for industry professionals seeking to excel in their practice.

1. Implant Surgery

At Advanced Dentistry Institute, we are committed to providing one on one training and education of the highest standard.

The Implant Placement Course is aimed at general dentist who are seriously interested in learning surgical placement, guided, and taught in a safe university setting. An advanced course is also available

The course structure is unique, every candidate is assigned a specialist mentor. It is a comprehensive didactic course designed to give you the opportunity to work with a specialist mentor, one on one on live patients. The course enables you to apply new knowledge and skills immediately in your own practice and to give your patients the best possible care.

The course is conducted in Chennai, India at one of Asia’s best dental schools. The Professors and mentors are from the Dental University. Our course director, Dr Yohan Thomas, who is a specialist prosthodontist based in Adelaide, South Australia, will also be in attendance at the course, presenting and overseeing the course.

2. Guided Surgery & Digital Workflow in Implant Dentistry Level 2

The course will cover the necessary knowledge about guided surgery and the digital workflow in implant dentistry. In the first day of the course, the focus will be on guided surgery, from planning to execution. The participants will learn how to virtually plan implant placement with a prosthetically driven mindset on the planning software for single, multiple, and full implant cases. Afterwards, the participants will learn how to design a surgical guide depending on the case and how to proceed with the manufacturing steps. The participants will then learn how to fix the sleeves on a printed guide and then how to support the guide on a model along with the drilling steps for implant bed preparation.

The second day of the course will focus more on digital steps to obtain an implant-supported prosthesis. The participant will learn how to register a digital implant impression using an intraoral scanner, how to import the file on the designing software, how to superimpose the scan body obtained with the scanner to its corresponding library file, and how to design an implant-supported prosthesis on a digital titanium base abutment. The cases will include single and multiple implant restorations.

All the steps will be shown by the instructor for the explanation of all the details.

The course will start by presenting fully documented clinical cases, with a step-by-step workflow, showing what is really possible to achieve and the limitations of the proposed techniques.

3. Advanced Dental Implantology Course

An Innovative and Cutting-Edge Implantology Program, With the Most Advanced Surgical Techniques

Over three days, our Advanced Dental Implantology Course will bring dental professionals up to date with the latest and most sophisticated bone augmentation-, soft tissue- and implant surgery techniques. This expertly facilitated and accredited course promises to be an informative experience for all who sign up.

Elevate your dentistry expertise today! Click to the course title to explore these courses in detail and secure your spot for an enriching learning experience.

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