PDP Seminars



Since 2011, we have delivered professional development training programs across Australia both as calendar events for individual professionals to attend and for organizations in all reaches of the country. Our training participants include psychologists, social workers, counsellors and psychotherapists, mental health nurses, and many other allied health professionals along with executives, managers, supervisors and staff from a diverse range of organizations. Our flexible program delivery comes to you in-person at our venues, in- person at your venue, or online via our quality and user-friendly learning management systems.

Our evidence-based programs are designed to build expertise and confidence in Allied Health professionals with a particular focus on mental and behavioural health and human services.

Located in Sydney, NSW, we are proud to state that we are the only peer-reviewed Australian training organization in our field and we work with our team of expert trainers to create programs and resources that are relevant to current needs and challenges in the professions we serve. All of our programs ensure professionals can meet the changing demands of their work by providing practical strategies, methods and interventions they can use immediately to improve outcomes for their client and organizational work. We are dedicated to the highest quality content, products, events and service and are delighted when asked to tailor a program to the specific needs of a group or organization. PDP is committed to our diverse workplace environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and to support equal opportunity in our dealings with others.