Just Excel



I founded Just Excel Dental Training and Consulting in 2019 after 30+ years of working as a Dentist and a Specialist and after having run my own very busy and successful 4-chair dental practice for 11 years.

With this experience, came the realisation that there is a huge gap in the market in terms of quality training provisions for dental assistants, receptionists, practice managers, clinic coordinators, and treatment coordinators – all of whom play a pivotal role in the success of a dental practice. Most of the recruits in these positions are trained on the job under great pressure and stress and the outcome is often unsatisfactory for all parties showing up in a huge turnover in staff.

Recruiting, training and then retaining well trained and reliable staff is the biggest challenge dental practices face in today’s work environment. A lot of time, money and heartache goes into this one sphere of Dental practice Ownership.

Dental Practice Owners are constantly fighting this loosing battle of finding well trained staff and then retaining them. The couple of accredited courses available to train as a Dental Assistant is very basic and does not scratch the surface of current dental industry standards of requiring to assist for all procedures including crown and bridge work, dentures, root canal procedures, implants, and even orthodontics.

It is this gap in the market that my company Just Excel Dental Training tries to fill. It might not be a RTO, but the quality of training I provide is at the standard that meets industry requirements now and more.