Orthodontic Biomechanics and Treatment Solutions


This program is primarily designed to answer specific orthodontic treatment questions and will emphasise on questions regarding treatment problems.

This course will discuss tips for treatment of unilateral Class II cases in the mixed and permanent dentition comparing treatment criteria, appliance placement and adjustments and treatment responses for various asymmetric Class II techniques. Dr Lowenhaupt will also discuss extraction cases and more specifically borderline extraction cases including, when to take teeth out and which teeth to take out as well as treatment criteria for lower incisor extractions and management of congenitally missing teeth.

This course will also provide information on practice technology, finishing and detailing cases, treatment of the vertically sensitive patient and more tips for dealing with relapse cases and where things didn’t work out as planned.

Learning Objectives

  • Treatment options and comparisons of fixed and removable (functional) appliances for treatment of asymmetric Class II malocclusions in the permanent and mixed dentition. 
  • ‘Thin Slicing’ extraction cases - when, which teeth, and how congenitally missing teeth fit into the mix.
  • When and why of borderline and lower incisor extraction cases
  • IPR to gain space when, where and how?
  • When is it time to take the braces off?
  • Learn multiple ‘pearls’ for practice management of orthodontics in a non-speciality practice dealing with patients and parents.
  • Dealing with open bite and vertically sensitive cases in the mixed and permanent dentition.
  • Periodontal and mucogingival problems including frenectomies.
  • Long term retention protocol, results and criteria.
  • Current info on WSL and oral health considerations.
  • Multiple individual topics - midline correction, phase I treatment for blocked out cuspids, different expansion appliances, space maintenance and tips on aligner treatment.

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Fri, 13 November 2020

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9:00 AM


2 Days


Lecture and Hands-on




ADA NSW Centre for Professional Development

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1 Atchison St, St Leonards ,
Sydney, New South Wales,
Australia, 2065

Thumb eric lowenhaupt

Dr Eric Lowenhaupt

Dr Eric Lowenhaupt attended Florida State University for undergraduate studies and Emory University in Atlanta for his Dental and Orthodontic training. He completed a general practice residency and practiced general dentistry for six years before returning for his graduate orthodontic training at Emory University.

Since 1986, he has been in the private practice of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics in Florida. Eric lectures nationally and internationally through his affiliation with (G) nathos (The Ricketts School for Bioprogressive Education, Southeast)and VOCA (Vital Orthodontic Considerations Australasia).

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