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Expanded Core Curriculum for Children with Multiple Disabilities and Visual Impairment


The Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) addresses foundational skills for students with multiple disabilities and visual impairment to help reach their fullest learning potential. Children with multiple disabilities and sensory loss are a diverse and unique population of children with special needs. With their sensory loss (vision loss, hearing loss or deafblindness), combined with other disabilities (i.e. intellectual disabilities, physical challenges, behavior challenges, autism spectrum disorder, and complex health issues), these children have challenges that require specialized support beyond the traditional academic curriculum to be successful in school and life in general.

Course Outline

In this course, participants will become familiar with the various components of the expanded core curriculum (ECC) for learners with multiple disabilities and sensory loss. Students with multiple disabilities and sensory loss miss much incidental learning; the ECC addresses the essential skills that these students do not naturally acquire due to their disability. The focus will be on learning in natural environments and routines, and strategies for creating integrated learning opportunities. Learning about these components will allow participants to create meaningful programs for their students/clients that support their access to the general education curriculum, as well as their active participation in school, family and community.

Course Objectives

Participants will learn strategies to enhance meaningful learning for their students with multiple disabilities and sensory loss through:

  • Understand the components of the Expanded Core Curriculum
  • Learn how to determine the content each child needs to learn
  • Learn how to integrate ECC learning opportunities through activity and theme-based teaching
  • Learn general considerations in creating a meaningful curriculum

Who Can Benefit?

This course is suitable for educators, pre-service teachers, parents, caregivers, special education school administrators and other service providers who work with children with multiple disabilities and sensory loss. These children (3-18 years old) may have behavior challenges (i.e. autism), motor challenges (i.e. cerebral palsy), cognitive or other developmental delays combined with having sensory loss (i.e. vision loss, hearing loss or deafblindness). These children may be in settings such as special schools, at home, residential settings, etc.

Providers Terms

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  3. Participants to the course are not allowed to split registration for different persons.
  4. For 1 full day seminar, only one set of meal entitlement per day shall be given to the registered participants. For half day seminar, only coffee and tea will be provided.
  5. Food served will be “no pork and no lard”.
  6. No refund of fees for participant cancellations including medical leave but substitutions are allowed with written request to organizer at least two working days before the course commences.
  7. Registration will be taken as confirmed upon receipt of payment or issuance of invoice. Any cancellation will not be allowed. However, substitutions are allowed with written request to organizer at least two working days before the course commences. Please note that registration will be on a first-come-first-served basis. Payment must be received by due date, before attendance of training.
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Ami Tango-Limketkai

Perkins International

Ami Tango-Limketkai is an international educational consultant, curriculum consultant, and program coordinator at Perkins International. Ami works with teams in coordinating programs for the Asia Region and Perkins International Academy activities. Ami’s work experiences include leading a 3 year project on Inclusive Education in China and leading a writing team on the National Curriculum for Teachers of Children with Visual Impairment for Cambodia’s Ministry of Education. Currently, she is working on the modification of the Philippine Ministry of Education’s national assessment tools for children to accommodate children with sensory loss in partnership with local organizations in the country. She also provides trainings and lectures to teachers, parents, school leaders, and health workers on the education of children with multiple disabilities and sensory loss.

Ami has built her experience as a teacher of students with multiple disabilities since 1999. Her educational background includes an M.Ed. in Special Education serving children with Severe Disabilities from Boston University, USA and an M.Ed. serving children with Visual Impairment from the University of Massachusetts, USA. Ami is committed to ensure that every marginalized child is given opportunities to reach their fullest potential and to be recognized as valuable members of their family and community.

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