The Social Work Podcast

We found this podcast to be an insightful and all encompassing discussion of the various touch points within the industry. Have a listen and see what you think!


The Social Work Podcast provides audio programs on services provided by social workers, including direct practice, human behavior in the social environment, research, policy, field work, and social work education.

A snapshot of recent episodes:

The Power of Podcasting in Social Work Education (39 min)

Today's episode is about the Power of Podcasting in Social Work Education. Shimon Cohen, founder and host of Doin' The Work: Frontlines of Social Change, and I read the article we wrote for New Social Worker Magazine about podcasting for social work education

Religion and Spirituality: Interview with Holly Oxhandler, Ph.D. (45 min)

Today's episode of the Social Work Podcast is a conversation with Dr. Holly Oxhandler ( I speak with Holly about the definitions of religion and spirituality, similarities and differences in religious and spiritual affiliation between social work professionals and their clients, how to address religion and spirituality in practice, and her experience as the co-host of the CXMH podcast (

Both/And or Either/Or: Social Work and Policing (1 hr)

Today's episode is the audio recording of a Facebook Live discussion that happened on Tuesday, July 14, 2020 called Both/And or Either/Or: Social Work and Policing. My guests were Alan Dettlaff, Laura Abrams, Charles E. Lewis, Jr., and Terry Mizrahi.

Key Details

  • Host: Jonathan B. Singer, Ph.D., LCSW
  • Episodes: 99+
  • Audience: Social Workers

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