Dive Deep into Surgical Extraction: Exclusive Course Offering with Nexlec Discounts!

Unleash the potential of your dental practice with the Surgical Extraction Course offered by the Advanced Dentistry Institute. Tailored for general dentists seeking to refine their surgical extraction technique, this course delivers unparalleled one-on-one training and education.

Led by esteemed educator Dr. Yohan Thomas, this comprehensive course assigns each candidate a specialist mentor, ensuring personalized attention throughout. Over five days, participants will perform a minimum of 10 surgical extractions on live patients, including challenging cases such as impacted, fractured, and wisdom teeth.

Held at one of Asia-Pacific's premier dental schools in Chennai, India, this course offers hands-on experience under the guidance of expert instructors from the Dental University. Participants will learn to navigate through difficult cases and scenarios, understanding their professional limits and when to refer.

With a limited intake of up to four candidates per batch, this course maintains a high standard of education and mentorship. Plus, with Nexlec's exclusive promo code, participants can save on enrollment and secure their spot today. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your surgical extraction skills and elevate your dental career. Enroll now!

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