What is Professional Education Tourism?  What is Professional Education Tourism? 

Have fun while learning in your career


What is Professional Education Tourism? 

by Nexlec 

Feb 19, 2018

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Educational tourism,  sometimes known as  career enhancement, job development or self-actualisation experiences, is one of the fastest growing and most overlooked  areas of the travel and tourism. 


Educational tours  come  in a  wide variety of formats, yet despite the  differences,  all  of them  have  some  points in common. The core  idea  behind  education  travel is  that  it is as much about self-improvement as it is about relaxation and enjoyment. Learning can be fun, and  knowledge is for people  both young, and old.  


There are few types of education tourism catering for different professional needs. 


Skill Enhancement Vacations 

These are trips that range from learning how to build houses  for the local community,  to how to protect the  local nature wildlife ecology. Countries  such as Costa Rica have been extremely successful with eco-tourism where they combine lessons on how to protect the world’s  ecology  with a  holiday  experience. 


Educational Cruises  

Educational cruises are  cruises  that  combine all the fun of a cruise  vacation  with lectures on specific  topics or industries. Think of it as a school, a trade show and a  holiday  rolled into one.   Educational cruises  have the advantage that people who take them tend to have a common interest and therefore it is also a great opportunity to  make new friends while acquiring new knowledge. 


Study Abroad Experiences  

These types of opportunities are usually available if you are doing a diploma or degree. Most major universities around the world promote some form of foreign travel for their students.  Study abroad experiences provide students with anything from a 6-week intensive study program, to a full year of cultural and linguistic immersion.  The  goal of these study abroad tours  is to widen the educational experience  so that university students  not only understand their own  culture,  but also explore that of other nations. 


Location Conferences 

Usually aimed at a certain group of professionals, course organisers entice attendees by arranging conferences or seminars in exciting locations. Ski holidays in the Alpes, paired with daily lectures by famous speakers or an African Safari with evening lectures around a camp fire. These experiences offer more than informative education but also adding an exciting travel adventure that attendees may not have considered if they had to take the time to plan the whole trip by themselves.  


Educational tourism offers many advantages. Exciting locations, new friends, and learning while you explore new destinations. Next time you need a holiday but you don’t want to feel guilty having too much fun, consider educational tourism options 

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