Lightfoot - Our Nexlec Travel PartnerLightfoot - Our Nexlec Travel Partner

As our official travel partner, Lightfoot can design the dream luxury holiday experience for your enjoyment.


Lightfoot - Our Nexlec Travel Partner

by Nexlec 

Nov 13, 2018

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At Nexlec, we provide an extensive listing of dental courses from quality dental course providers for those dental professionals looking to achieve mastery in the dental field. We list courses and training from all around the world, in exciting destinations such as London, Dubai, New York, Cape Town, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Australia.


It’s an excellent opportunity to hone your dentistry and treat yourself to an exciting getaway while you’re abroad. So why not take this opportunity to cross out any to-do things off your bucket list? And as the saying goes here at Nexlec – Learn|Explore.


But what if you have no clue where to go or what to see? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Nexlec has teamed up with the happy folks at Lightfoot Travel to bring you customised experiences in destinations around the world. Let Lightfoot help you find the right holiday for you.

Lightfoot Travel designs YOUR holiday experience

As our official travel partner, Lightfoot can design the dream luxury holiday experience for your enjoyment.  Whether it is strictly business, family fun or more of a romantic vibe that you are looking for, Lightfoot can tailor make a holiday just for you.


If you’re in the UK, perhaps a kitchen tour at the Berkeley to see what goes on behind the scenes in a Michelin star restaurant is something you fancy.  Or for the history buffs and fans of the Downton Abbey, you can relive the days of grandeur and elegance in the Downton Abbey Experience and stay in a real castle. Thrill seekers – don’t feel left out. Lightfoot offers wilderness expeditions tours too. In Australia, you can go on an adventurous trek across Lord Howe Island, including an 8-hour hike to the top of Mount Gower, or swim with the great white sharks in the waters of Neptune Islands. 

Lightfoot Travel offers something exciting for everyone, on any continent in the world. And yes, even Antarctica!

About Lightfoot Travel

Lightfoot Travel is a luxury tour operator with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, and London. The Lightfoot team specializes in tailor-made holiday packages that are crafted to suit your tastes and needs. They offer a highly personalized service that you won’t find in any of the mainstream travel agencies.  

Lightfoot has a fantastic lineup of travel-obsessed designers from all walks of life, who have been to more than a hundred countries combined.  In fact, at any one time, several Lightfoot team members are out exploring a corner of the globe, discovering, and taking notes on the next exciting destination. This is why every property and experience recommended by Lightfoot is one that they have personally enjoyed, and they are confident that you will too! 

So while you are planning your Nexlec - Learn|Explore – travel, contact the guys at Lightfoot, and they will be happy to help you design the trip of a lifetime.

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