Insight Osteopathy Podcast

Our team had a listen to their episodes and found them inspiring and insightful. They regularly draw on the expertise of highly regarded industry leaders. Well worth adding to your playlist.


The podcast dedicated to delivering clinically relevant education to osteopaths. Each episode explores real clinical issues through interviews and discussion with top practitioners.

Insight Osteopathy podcast is a professional development resource that is osteopathically relevant and draws on the wealth of knowledge we obtain in practice, as well as from experts in other disciplines. Creating a platform of collaborative learning to grow our clinical knowledge, better our practice and draw inspiration from our colleagues.

A snapshot of recent episodes:

Navigating pain science with Dr. Alison Sim. (1hr 1min)

Today we navigate through the complexities of the human pain experience with Dr. Alison Sim. Alison shares her journey from the world of osteopathy into pain science. We discuss the challenges we face as osteopaths in dealing with persistent pain patients. Alison shares some of the strategies that can be implemented to empower our patients and facilitate their journey and some important indicators we can look out for in practice to flag patients at higher risk of developing persistent pain.

Promoting holistic well being in young Australians through osteopathy and the Bluearth Foundation with Dr. Peter Parker D.O (48 min)

Our role as osteopaths reaches far beyond just treating the physical structure. Our principles are what set us apart from other manual medicine modalities. We are in a privileged position as osteopaths as we can have a positive impact on a patient's life experience outside of the treatment room.

Today's guest in the CEO of the Bluearth foundation, a not for profit organisation dedicated to delivering school programs that do just that, improving a young person's quality and experience of life. Peter Parker has found passion outside of the clinic in his work with an organisation whose fundamental values align with our own osteopathic principles.

Pelvic nerve pain in women with osteopath Dr.Liz Howard D.O (1 hr 13 min)

Pelvic pain is an incredibly broad topic and something we encounter daily in practice. Today we are focusing on pelvic pain in females, particularly nerve or neuropathic pain.

The time we spend with our patients, and the trusting relationship we build, allows us to ask the questions needed to identify the early signs and symptoms. Persistent pelvic nerve pain can be debilitating and have an adverse impact on a woman’s daily life and activity. As osteopaths, we can play a role in preventing this by flagging women at risk, knowing the appropriate questions to ask in our history, and what referral options are available.

Key Details

  • Host: Insight Osteopathy
  • Episodes: 8+
  • Audience: Chiropractors, Osteopathists

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