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TC_M1 Includes Course ALL_M1

Dental Treatment Coordinators

Dental Treatment Coordinator Training Course: Coordinate treatment plans with confidence and conviction (TC_M1) Includes course ALL_M1

The Dental Treatment Coordinator presents and coordinates the patient’s treatment plan. This course is designed to allow Dental Treatment Coordinators to present, explain and answer patient queries with confidence and conviction. This course also provides, anyone wanting to move up to being a Dental Treatment Coordinator, solid foundational knowledge of the buying process the patient goes through.

(This course includes the foundational course in dentistry (ALL_M1_Dentistry for all Support staff))

10 lessons about 15 hours worth of training

IMPORTANT NOTES: (From the organizer)

  • Price quoted is per person for an Online-Self Paced course (Note; it also includes ALL_M1)
  • If there are 3 or more members from the same group who wish to attend, then this course can be delivered Online-Live (9am-5pm)
  • Group discounts can be offered. Please contact us before purchasing the course.
  • Alternatives: If you prefer that I deliver the course Face-to-Face onsite or at premises of your choice – please contact me re: travel costs. (Note: I am based in the Southern Gold Coast region and there are no additional costs to travel within a 150km radius.)
  • Please contact us on 0407732297 or send an email to [email protected] with your needs and let us help you

Course Content

As dentistry has evolved from offering simple, easily understood dental procedures such as fillings, extractions, and cleans to more complex, involved and expensive treatments, the need to spend more time with the patient before treatment can progress has increased greatly. This has created a new level of responsibility for a trained staff member to explain these complex dental procedures to patients, educating them about the benefits and also the risks, getting informed consent, offering alternative treatment options, providing finance options to get patients to accept treatment plans and then coordinating appointments with patients and following them up. This in a nutshell are the chief responsibilities of the modern Dental Treatment Coordinator.

A unique set of skills and specialized training is needed for a person in this role to be successful in getting patients to saying YES to treatment recommended by the Dentist. Educating and inspiring patients to improve their dental health sooner rather than later and Increasing Case Acceptance is one of the goals of the Dental Treatment Coordinator. To be able to talk to patients confidently, provide answers to their technical queries a Dental Treatment coordinator should have a sound knowledge of Dentistry. It is not enough just to have great communication skills or a pleasant and convincing manner or good sales skills. Product knowledge is key as the patient feels more confident and gets a step closer to accepting treatment plans.

This is where this course begins.

  • Module 1 (3 lessons) covers the essentials of Dentistry that a TC needs to know to be able to be effective in their key role of increasing case acceptance.
  • Module 2 (1 lesson) covers the role and job description of a Dental Treatment Coordinator.
  • Module 3 (6 lessons) covers the skills and knowledge required to function as a Dental Treatment Coordinator.
  • The 10 lessons (14-15 hours in total) are content rich and will get your TC to be more effective in increasing Case Acceptance within 6-8 weeks. There is no other course like this out there.

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Module 1: Foundational Dental Knowledge

Lesson 1, Lesson 2 (2a, 2b, 2c), and Lesson 3 - Basic Foundational Dental Knowledge

  • Lecture 1.1: TC_Lesson1 - Dental Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology of Dental Caries and Periodontal Disease - 02 hours
    • Quiz 1.1: TC_Lesson 1 - Quiz - 6 questions
  • Lecture 1.2: TC_Lesson2a - Extraoral Conditions - 01 hour
  • Lecture 1.3: TC_Lesson2b - Intra-oral Conditions (part 1) - 01 hour
  • Lecture 1.4: TC_Lesson2c - Intra-oral Conditions (part 2) - 02 hours
  • Lecture 1.5: TC_Lesson3 - Patient Type, Wants and Needs, Buying Motives - 01 hour 30 min

Module 2: Role And Job Description Of A Treatment Co-Ordinator

  • Lecture2.1: TC_Lesson4 - The Role of the TC, Benefits, Traits, skills, tools needed - 01 hour 15 min

Module 3: The 6 Steps In Treatment Co-Ordination

  • Lecture 3.1: TC_Lesson5 - (Step1) Handoff Rapport KLT - 02 hours 20 mins
  • Lecture 3.2: TC_Lesson6a - Ask Q, Reveal Educate, Listen Clarify - 02 hours
  • Lecture 3.3: TC_Lesson6b - Reveal Educate Ask Q Clarify Listen - 40 mins
  • Lecture 3.4: TC_Lesson7 - (Step3) Explain COI ROI and understand objections
  • Lecture 3.5: TC_Lesson8 - (Step4) Manage objections of fear, suitability, and affordability - 01 hour 30 mins
  • Lecture3.6: TC_Lesson9 - (Step5) Manage Risks: Informed Consent - 01 hour 30 mins
  • Lecture3.7: TC_Lesson10 - (Step6) Present final treatment plan - 01 hour 30 mins

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Course Fee$410Book
Contact Hours:

15.0 hrs


Lecture, Quizzes & Assessments


10 Lessons - Online self-paced or Live Online (min 3 persons needed)

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Dr. Nupur Hackwood

Dental Consultant and Trainer Australia

My background as a Dentist for 34 years, Dental Practice Owner for 11 years, Dental Educator, Dental Researcher and Publisher, Certified Dental Trainer in RTOs, Quality Assurance Head, and also a Dental Specialist puts me in a unique position to thoroughly understand the business of Dentistry and also the needs and wants of every member working in a Dental Business.

I provide practical, hands-on, affordable dental training workshops for the entire dental team. I have developed these courses with careful thought on what the dental industry needs today.

Starting with a small 1 chair dental practice, I scaled and grew to a 4 chair dental practice with 3 Dentists and an OHT within 5 years and ended with approximately a 2 Million Dollar turnover during my 11 years ownership. So, I know what it takes to scale and grow a business cost effectively and how to use KPI numbers as a GPS to get there. This is my forte.

I strongly believe in training staff not just to have a high-performing team and reduce stress, but also because it helps nurture, grow, motivate and keep staff engaged and happy and increases staff retention. I have trained new graduate dentists, dental assistants, receptionists and practice managers for 11 years.

In the 11 year period when I owned and operated my own business, I conducted structured in-house training programmes which comprised of not just a regular weekly staff meeting but also, monthly, quarterly and annual staff training sessions.

Based in the Gold Coast Queensland / Northern Rivers NSW area, I provide online, off-site and onsite training courses and consulting services to dental practice members all across Australia.

I have also worked as Head of Quality at National Dental Centre in Singapore for 2 years, lived and worked as a dental researcher in NZ, Japan and the USA and published many papers in peer reviewed journals of repute.

I am also a certified trainer with Cert IV TAE and have run and facilitated workshops at TAFE. I have worked as clinical tutor at Queensland University & Griffith University and have tutored 3rd, 4th, and 5th year dental students.

I truly understand the gaps in workflow and processes in dental practices and the gaps in knowledge and skills of dental team members and am here to help you bridge these gaps and excel. I am passionate about training and guiding you to achieve your goals in Dentistry.

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