Why Napping is Good For YouWhy Napping is Good For You

Dramatically Increase Learning, Memory, Awareness by Napping   Some say that the  key  to increasing  productivity  may not be  by  managing your time,  but your energy. 

Why Napping is Good For You

by Nexlec  

Nov 26, 2019

Why Napping is Good For You

Dramatically Increase Learning, Memory, Awareness by Napping

Some say that the  key  to increasing  productivity  may not be  by  managing your time,  but your energy.  But how do go about enhancing  your energy levels? Simple really - taking an afternoon nap!  Research now shows that contrary to  the  traditional  way of thinking, napping is not always  a sign of laziness but  a useful method  to  improve your productivity for the rest of the day. 

Here are five reason why everyone should take a daily afternoon nap. 

Preventing burnout 

In today’s culture, we are always on the move,  our switches  forever set to ‘on’. Never taking a moment to   power down.  Doing so leads to  tension, frustration, and fatigue.  Taking a nap is similar to a  hard reset  for your laptop. It flushes out all the errors  and restarts your mental and physical wellbeing.  

Studies show that  research subjects  who  take  naps  display higher emotional resilience, increased cognitive function, and other benefits. A thirty-minute nap can prevent the daily mental exhaustion that ends up affecting our everyday lives.

Heightening  our senses 

According to  doctors,  napping can restore our sensitivity towards sight, hearing, and taste stimuli.  Napping  has  also  been shown to enhance our  creativity. By taking time away to relax your mind, you  are letting  new associations  develop.  

Restoring alertness  

Most people  notice a drop in energy levels  in the early afternoon, right after lunch.  Eyelids start to feel heavy and focusing becomes an uphill battle.  The good news is that having a nap can help restore energy levels.  According to  the  National Sleep Foundation  taking a  short nap of twenty to thirty minutes  “helps improve attentiveness  and performance without leaving you feeling  sleepy  or interfering with night time sleep.” 

Reducing risk of heart disease 

Napping can save your life. People  who take a midday siesta at least three times a week are less  likely to die of heart disease, according to a 2007 study published in the  Archives of Internal Medicine.  Naps can become an  essential  weapon in the war against deaths caused by heart diseases. 

Boost your productivity 

Numerous studies have shown that reduced productivity amongst workers increases in the later hours of a workday. However  a 2002 Harvard University study  shows that  a  simple  thirty-minute nap  increased  the performance of workers, even bringing productivity back up to as high as it was in the beginning of the day. 

You may ask what about having a cup of coffee instead?  Will taking a power nap during office hours have the same effect as drinking  a cup of coffee?  The answer is no. Napping is much more beneficial than coffee.  A cup of your favourite beans  may provide a temporary jolt of energy, but  has been shown to affect  your memory. Thus despite the momentary energy burst, errors in your daily activities are likely to creep in. 

Just when you thought getting the tick of approval for your afternoon naps could not get any better, combining a power nap with some dark chocolate is another great way to give yourself a boost during working hours.   A study from the University of Nottingham  showed  that  drinking  a cocoa drink rich in flavanols  –  a main ingredient found in dark chocolates, red wine and green tea - can elevate the blood flow to key areas of your brain for up to two to three hours.  The increase in blood flow to  the brain  supports  better performance towards  specific tasks  and makes you feel more alert.  The study  even suggests that flavanols can be beneficial in enhancing brain activity for people fighting fatigue, sleep deprivation, and even the effects of ageing.

Closing thoughts 

Taking a daily nap  does not  reduce  the importance of sleep.  Even with napping, you still need to get a solid eight hours of sound sleep at  night to feel energetic and refreshed  all through the day.  But when you are feeling the three thirty-itis kick in, a nap might be just what you need.   

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