Dental Training Academy, DTA, was founded to provide higher learning in skills and knowledge in dental industry. As intrinsic quests for continued learning and practises are never ending, our belief is that such endeavours can be greatly enhanced when the platform we offer transcends borders to allow greater and better exchanges. Working with internationally recognised institutions to bring certified training and courses across the world, we hope to raise the standards of the overall practises in the dental industry.

Hence, we aim to be an organization which is continuously SUPPORTING GROWTH and BRIDGING RELEVANCE for the people in the dental industry.

With the above intention in mind, we hope to establish DTA as a highly regarded enhanced learning group in the dental industry, spearheading advancement in knowledge and skills, and ultimately proliferating technological enhancements to the industry as our VISION.


Our MISSION is to establish an easy accessibility of our trainings and courses through our wide network of recognised partners and affiliates by building and expanding supporting channels for empowering individuals in the dental industry