Meet the educators series: Health Adventure

For many years we have been dedicated to inspiring others to explore the possibilities and adventures that come with improved fitness and healthy living. Throughout our professionals careers, we have had the joy of working with thousands of physiotherapy and fitness coaching clients, including elite international athletes. We have closely observed and monitored the fitness training needs of our clients and what really works when it comes to overcoming movement dysfunctions and creating an optimal body (and mindset).

Since 2001, we have been invited to deliver our thoughts and training concepts to thousands of physiotherapists and exercise professionals throughout Australia and around the world. Our popular Kinetic Link Training professional development courses have been a wonderful opportunity to share our healthy living ideals with like-minded therapists and trainers.

We are proud to acknowledge that many of our professional colleagues now utilize Kinetic Link Training as their preferred system of functional resistance training - assisting their clients' return to 100% function and achieving exciting physical performance outcomes. 

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