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Level 1: Intro/Intermediate Dry Needling Course (2.5 days)

Led by renowned experts Brandon Kam and Robert De Nardis, this course delves into the evaluation and treatment of neuromyofascial pain and dysfunction in both acute and chronic orthopedic cases. The focus is on trigger point dry needling (TDN) techniques, including the Gunn and Travell & Simons’ methods.

Course Outcomes:

  • Define trigger points, motor banding, and neurological presentations.
  • Review literature supporting TDN efficacy.
  • Instruct TDN application for orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions.
  • Discuss safety and indications/contraindications for treatment.

Treatable Muscles:

Covering lumbar and cervical spine, hip, upper and lower extremities, shoulder, thigh, and more, this course equips you to address pain across various muscle groups.

Course Eligibility:

Ideal for physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, physical therapists, and medical doctors dealing with musculoskeletal conditions. Participants must be registered clinicians with Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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