Medium main image professional certificate of medicinal cannabis
Medium main image professional certificate of medicinal cannabis

Professional Certificate of Medicinal Cannabis

The Professional Certificate of Medicinal Cannabis equips medical practitioners with the knowledge to safely apply cannabis as a medicinal tool for patients with common ailments in primary care.

You will learn about the endocannabinoid system and the properties of THC and CBD; explore the routes of administration, side effects and contraindications of medicinal cannabis; and draw upon real patient cases and common conditions seen in general practice, including chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and cancer.

The evidence-backed, science-based online program teaches how and why medicinal cannabis works, enabling you to provide holistic care and optimal outcomes for your patients.

GPs working in Australia (except for in Tasmania) may prescribe Medicinal Cannabis, however, as part of the guidelines of the TGA SAS-B, you will need to indicate that you have the knowledge necessary to do so. This program will equip you with the knowledge required to manage and prescribe Medicinal Cannabis for various conditions and can serve as part of your documentation showing that you have undertaken education in this field when you decide to become an authorized prescriber. More information here.

This course is the first stage of the three-part Professional Diploma of Medical Cannabis. The education pathway is Professional Certificate of Medicinal Cannabis, Advanced Certificate of Medicinal Cannabis and Professional Diploma of Medicinal Cannabis.

Key Details

  • Contact Hours: 12.0 hrs
  • Format: Online Modules and Assessment
  • Duration: 8 Online Modules
  • Compatibility: All Devices
  • Language: English

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