Medium main image modern aesthetic dentistry postgraduate
Medium main image modern aesthetic dentistry postgraduate

Modern Aesthetic Dentistry Postgraduate Online Mastershi

Learn the latest tips & tricks in aesthetic dentistry & apply them instantly


Module 1 - Treatment Planning

The Correct Steps in the Right Order When Planning Your Aesthetic Cases

Module 2 - Smile Design

Media vs Natural Smiles, Golden Proportion, Shade Taking, Anatomy, Photography, Tooth Whitening, Cosmetic Imaging

Module 3 - Composites

Adhesion, Posterior Composite Techniques, Modern Composite Veneers, Rubber Dam Placement

Module 4 - Tooth Preparations

Essentials of Tooth Preparation, Margin Choice, PFM & Zirconia Crowns, Ceramic Inlays and Onlays, Verti Preps (Biologically Oriented Preparation Technique)

Module 5 - Veneers

Preparation Techniques - Conventional, Minishampers, Slowing Butt Joints, Slice Preps, Impression, Cementation Techniques

Module 6 - Occlusion

Principles of Occlusion, Treatment of the Worn Dentition, Occlusal Splints, Jaw Registration, Facebows

Module 7 - Digital Dentistry

Digital Smile Design (DSD), 3D Printing, Digital Impressions & Restorations, Scanning

Module 8 - Orthodontics

Aligners, ABC of Smile Design, Cosmetic Tooth Alignment

Module 9 - Facial Aesthetics

Facial Anatomy, Neurotoxic Protein, Fillers

Key Details

  • Contact Hours: 95.0 hrs
  • Format: Lecture and Quiz
  • Duration: 9 Modules Lecture Videos
  • Compatibility: All Devices
  • Language: English

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