Mimicking Natural Teeth With Composite Resin From A to Z

Dental Composite Resins: Selection & Execution for Natural Looking Outcomes

  • Module 1: Advanced Concepts of Adhesion Dentistry
  • Module 2: Advanced Concepts of Dental Resin-Based Composites
  • Module 3: Hands-On: Basics of Biomimicry (2-color build-a-tooth)
  • Module 4: Hands-On: Intermediate Biomimicry (4-color build-a-tooth)
  • Module 5: Hand in High Resolution Photos of Your Work Ahead of Time, Then We Can Organize a Date to Interact.
  • Module 6: Class 4 Aesthetic Layering Technique, Diastema, Anterior Direct Veneer, Anterior Direct Crown, Anterior Direct Bridge, and Posterior Direct Bridge

Key Details

  • Contact Hours: 17.0 hrs
  • Format: Lecture and Hands-on
  • Duration: 6 Modules Lecture Videos
  • Compatibility: All Devices
  • Language: English

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