Interoception - Body Awareness From The Inside Out

Why Do We Need To Know About Interoception?

  • Because it is an integral part of body awareness with links into praxis and emotional behavioral control
  • Our proprioceptive system needs to connect to our interoceptive system for efficient regulation and control
  • Interoception links up with our inner awareness to assist in feeling calm and regulated in our spatial surround
  • Explore these connections and make it practical with regards to assessment and intervention
  • Apply practical suggestions to your work work through targeted intervention with improved outcomes in treatment
  • This workshop will cover pertinent research from A.D. Craig, as will also discuss assessment and intervention from an SI perspective. Included will be a discussion on the Polyvagal Theory of Dr. S. Porges and all will be brought together in a practical way, making the science sensible to use in every day sessions. This workshop will also include noted comments on Mindfulness practice and the use of “quieting the mind” to influence body awareness, praxis and occupational function. Whether you are coming from a social-emotional perspective or postural-praxis perspective, this “theory to practice” workshop will influence your thinking in chasing the “why” in your clients in both assessment and intervention.

Key Details

  • Duration: 1 Days
  • Format: Workshop
  • Language: English

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