Implant Dentistry Unleashed: ITI World Symposium 2024 & Exclusive Black Friday Savings

Dive into the world of implant dentistry at the ITI World Symposium 2024, where Evidence Meets Patient Perspectives to Guide Clinical Care. This premier event brings together over 50 of implant dentistry's luminaries, sharing the latest evidence and treatment options. The program, built around nine real patients and exclusive clinical videos, offers a practical approach to soft tissue management, GBR/regeneration, immediacy, complications, and the digital workflow.

For a limited time, seize the opportunity to save up to USD 500 with the special Black Friday deal. Only 100 Black Friday tickets are available until December 1, 2023. Use code: BLACKFRITIDAY to secure your spot at this transformative symposium.

The ITI World Symposium isn't just an educational experience; it's a journey through the latest scientific findings and consensus delivered by world-renowned speakers from esteemed institutions like Harvard University and the University of Berne. Beyond the content, expect a premium event experience with immersive surroundings, culinary delights, and an industry exhibition.

Connect with over 4,000 professionals in the field, making new friends and rekindling old connections. Don't miss the official Straumann party for a relaxed networking atmosphere.

One ticket unlocks 50+ experts on stage, nine exclusive clinical procedures, the patient's perspective, high-caliber sessions, video-on-demand access, workshop options, and 40 CE hours. Immerse yourself in this unique event, where excellence meets experience. Don't wait - ignite excellence today!

Enroll now at ITI World Symposium Singapore to secure your spot!

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