Medium main image advanced certificate of women s health
Medium main image advanced certificate of women s health

Advanced Certificate of Women's Health

Delivered by leading experts in the field, the online Advanced Certificate of Women’s Health equips medical professionals with a comprehensive understanding of women’s health issues commonly seen in primary care. Exploring medical conditions and concerns pertinent to female patients, the certificate course will enable you to provide high-demand services and better meet your patients’ needs.

As consultations with female patients account for over 56 per cent of primary care consultations in Australia, the gender-specific health needs of women are a significant part of day-to-day work in general practice. This Advanced Certificate course offers intermediate knowledge in women’s health issues, covering crucial areas such as endometriosis, pelvic pain, ovarian cancer, sexual health, family planning, infertility, pregnancy complications, breast problems, obesity, and post-menopause health issues.

This course is the second stage of the Professional Diploma of Women's Health. The education pathway is: Foundation Certificate of Women's Health, Professional Certificate of Women's Health, Advanced Certificate of Women's Health, and Professional Diploma of Women's Health. You might also be interested in the Advanced Workshop of Intrauterine Systems.

Key Details

  • Contact Hours: 12.0 hrs
  • Format: Online Lectures and Assessment
  • Duration: Multi Session Training
  • Compatibility: All Devices
  • Language: English

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