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We came across this podcast and have found it to be a fantastic insight into real-life experiences from highly intelligent professionals. If you can spare the time this is worth adding to your library.

A Snapshot of Recent Episodes

The OTpreneur Journey

Curious to know more about my entrepreneurial journey? Like how and why I started a private practice, what things I learned along the way and what I think is the most important thing every OT entrepreneur needs to have? Well today I’m diving deep into my own journey in hopes that my story may inspire or assist you if you yourself are considering taking the leap into entrepreneurship or already have, but are not sure if you can do it. I’m excited to peel back the curtain on my own journey into OT entrepreneurship.

Shifting the Mindset From Clinician to CEO

Are you thinking of becoming an OT entrepreneur? Do you hope to one day open a private practice, start a company, create a non-profit or make a product? Or maybe you’ve started down the path and are feeling a little stuck. Today on the show, Trish Williams joins me as we have an awesome conversation all about occupational therapy and entrepreneurship. Trish shares her journey into becoming an OTpreneur and how that led her into finding her passion in coaching other OT entrepreneurs. Trish shares a ton of information and resources in the episode which is all linked below in the show notes.

A Look Back on Lyfe

Ready for one more fun, celebratory episode? Last week’s episode was all about my podcasting journey including things I had learned along the way, changes I had made to my show, and sharing in the celebration with Brock Cook from Occupied Podcast in hitting 100 episodes. Today, I’m gonna take a walk down memory lane and share some clips from previous episodes that really stood out to me about the profession of occupational therapy. These clips are a genuine reminder of just how amazing this profession really is.

Key Details

  • Host: Sarah Putt and ot 4 Lyfe speakers
  • Episodes: 100+
  • Audience: Occupational Therapist

This podcast is not hosted on Nexlec we simply think they are great. To listen to episodes click the "Visit Website" button.

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