Am I an ‘Individual Member’ or an ‘Organisation Member’Am I an ‘Individual Member’ or an ‘Organisation Member’

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Am I an ‘Individual Member’ or an ‘Organisation Member’

by Nexlec 

Feb 12, 2018

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Our Individual Membership can be used by any professional signing up to be a part of the Nexlec community. It allows full access to the platform, courses, Nexlec life articles, and the perks of a personalised profile allowing you to share and track your courses.


We have gone a step further and created a membership options for organisations. This membership allows team members and colleagues to create their accounts under an umbrella account which links them together and allows intra-platform communication and sharing. There is no limit to the number of team members permitted on an Organisation Membership.


As an employer or manager the Organisation Membership allows you to recommend courses to your team helping them to grow in their professional journey. Amongst colleagues you can use the intra-mail function to communicate and encourage team members to attend or explore courses together.

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