Simple Steps to Stay Fit on Vacation and Still Enjoy YourselfSimple Steps to Stay Fit on Vacation and Still Enjoy Yourself

Staying fit while on vacation doesn’t have to be hard. Just because you’re taking a break, doesn’t mean you have to lose track of your fitness.


Simple Steps to Stay Fit When on Holidays

by Nexlec 

Nov 13, 2017

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Staying fit while on vacation  doesn’t have to be hard.  Just because you’re taking a break, doesn’t mean you have to lose track of  your fitness.  In fact, making sure you get regular  exercise  whilst on holiday will only enhance your enjoyment. Granted you will be out of routine so a bit of planning will go a long way towards getting your 30 minutes a day. 


Find Gyms Within the Area 

If you are paying a visit to  a city area,  chances  are  there will  be  gyms in  your vicinity.   Do a  Google  search,  read reviews and find out other useful information such as entry fees and operating hours.  Most gyms offer a  drop-in  or single use rate. 


Stay at a Hotel Offering a Good Gym 

Nothing says holiday than a lazy start and a hotel  breakfast. Make the breakfast taste better by making use of the hotel gym facilities before heading down for a bite to eat. Setting you up for a day of exploring without the guilt of having over indulged at the start of your day. Let's face it there will be plenty of eating to come as you try the local delights. 


Pack Your Exercise Gear  

Set yourself up for success. On your travels, you are bound to find a nature trail or  a  beach  boardwalk  offering the opportunity to turn the legs over. Don't make excuses  by forgetting to pack the essentials.  


Find Free Exercise Classes 

More often than not, councils and communities are encouraging healthy lifestyles. Most holiday areas will offer free exercise classes in public areas. Zumba, yoga or  boot camps  are common examples. Ask the locals or your hotel information counter and get involved in the community. You may even meet a friendly local that can give you some travel tips.  


Workout in Your Room 

If all else fails, workout in your room. At the end of the day all you really need is a little motivation and your own body weight. YouTube is littered with short workout videos if you need more inspiration.  Complete  a couple of sets of squats, lunges, chair dips, push-ups, crunches, and you’ll be feeling the burn as if you’ve just hit the gym. 


Remember, you are  on holiday. Take this opportunity to relax and unwind, take your mind off the daily  grind. Enhance your break by enjoying the benefits of regular exercise.  With proper time management and discipline, staying fit on vacation is an easy goal.  Getting back on track after a  vacation can be tough, so don’t stop your exercise routine even when  on holiday. 

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