Is Your Job Right for You?  Is Your Job Right for You? 

Is Your Job Right for You? 


Is Your Job Right for You? 

by Nexlec 

Jan 23, 2018

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Whether you are a new comer to your current job or a senior, it is  always  important  to  ask yourself  whether your current position is the right fit for you.  


As our lives progress, our priorities and views towards our career evolve  as well.  Hence,  it’s a good idea to review more than just the  pay check  and the job description from time to time. 


Many of us have had the “what am I doing here” moment in our jobs. Over time the wrong job can be  one of  the most crippling  feelings in the world.   The feeling of being trapped in a role you don’t enjoy or in a position with no future or promise, with people with whom you don’t see eye to eye with. Even with excellent benefits and suitable wages, the wrong role can be suffocating.  


Despite knowing this many continue in these roles for years without taking the time to do a self-evaluation of whether staying put or moving on is the right decision for you. It is important to align your goals and values with your career path in order to achieve success and long-term happiness. 


Here are six questions to ask yourself to  find out if your current job is the right fit for you. 


Do I like my boss and my colleagues? 

Think about the people you work closely with on a day-to-day basis, such as your  superiors, co-workers and others in your department. Can you picture yourself continuing to work with them. Think back to interactions you’ve had with these people so far to help you decide. 


Common interests among co-workers add significantly to job satisfaction. Feeling ostracised at work will result in growing negativity. 


How productive can I be? 

Your office is where you will spend most of your working hours. Therefore  it is essential that the  office environment  is conducive for you to focus on work. Does the workspace encourage open communication and collaboration amongst co-workers? If you can only do your best  work  in a quiet, solitary area, does your office offer such an environment for you?  


Can I still have the lifestyle I want? 

If the job requires you to travel for weeks on end, taking time away from your loved ones, will you be able to live with it? Some of us  enjoy  the  traveling  lifestyle of exploring new cities while working, but others prefer being able to tuck their kids into bed at home every night. If your job is changing your lifestyle too much for your comfort, you may want to consider a different role. 


Do I feel professionally satisfied? 

Ask yourself if your job provides you the level of professional accomplishment. Some people feel stuck in a rut in their current  role, or unable to reach their full potential. On the other hand, some people are struggling with the constant challenges of doing something new every day. You will need to ask yourself what you want to achieve in your professional journey. 


Can this job help my career progression? 

Some jobs are less relevant to your career path than others. For example, if you wish to pursue a career in business analysis, then it would make less sense to take up a job as a web designer. You need to know whether your current  job  is a stepping stone to  greater  career  heights  or a pit stop for you to make a vertical move in another career path. 


Are my values aligned with the job? 

Everybody has different values, so it is crucial to know what values matter to you.  For example, maybe you want a deadline-driven role that heavily relies on team collaboration and creativity. For each value that you see as essential, how does this job rank? 


No job is perfect 

The tough part is identifying if it is the actual job that is not right for you, or if it is just a rough period for you, your  boss, or the company.  Feeling valued  by your  company  or your co-workers  is a  key  component of career satisfaction. 


Even if the job you have brings you great benefits or salary, it is ultimately pointless to stay in one if it doesn’t  fulfil  the  criteria  set above. Take some time off to do some self-reflection for every year you are in your current job, and find out if you can do anything to improve your job satisfaction.  


Speak to your superiors about your concerns and find a way to improve your situation. Otherwise,  it might be time for you to  move to greener pastures. 

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