10 Exciting Travel Tech Gadgets10 Exciting Travel Tech Gadgets

From robot suitcases to travel apps, this year is full of exciting, yet quirky tech innovations that will make life fun and easy on the road.


10 Exciting Travel Gadgets

by Nexlec 

Nov 08, 2017

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From robot suitcases to travel apps, this year is full of exciting, yet quirky tech innovations that will make life fun and easy on the road.  Whether you are an occasional traveller, or a frequent flyer, here are 10 of the best tech gadgets that have come out this year.


goTenna Mesh

This device performs like a walkie-talkie with your travel group. It’s very useful when you need to split up with your travel buddies, like at a theme park or a shopping mall.  What makes this gadget unique is you don’t need any data connection or cell network for it to work, as everything is transmitted by radio waves. This is actually the second version of the original goTenna. The Mesh is smaller, lighter and can last 24 hours on standby. With build in GPS location, now you no longer need to search high and low when your mom gets lost at the airport.


DJI Mavic Pro

Professional looking drone photography has always been out of reach to regular consumers due to its expensive pricing. But now DJI has released its most consumer-friendly drone yet. The Mavic Pro is aimed at photography enthusiasts who don’t wish to break the bank. It is also built for travel with its foldable rotors and small size. Now you can take your own breath taking aerial selfies on your next holiday trip to the mountains. 



Well, this isn’t something you pack on your trip. But you might be lucky enough to see it sitting in your hotel on your next trip.  handy is a free smartphone device for hotel rooms that acts as a mobile companion for guests. You can access the internet, make calls and access the hotel’s concierge services from it. Just make sure you don’t lose it when you bring it out of your room.



While T-shirts have been around for a very long time, but this is so mind-blowingly simple that you can’t help wondering why has no one thought of it until now. UZTZU is a 4-in-1 t-shirt which allows you to pack 1 T-shirt instead of 4. Now you can pack lighter for a longer holiday. UZTZU is made with advanced technology keeping your skin dry throughout the day and the Anti-Bacterial fabric is tested to be smell proof. It’s almost like magic!



Remember earlier when we mentioned robot suitcases? Yes, we weren’t kidding.  Science fiction has now become reality as you no longer need to use your hands to pull your luggage!  Travelmate Robotics have created the world’s first autonomous suitcase that can follow you through large crowds in airports and streets, just like a puppy. Once paired with your mobile phone, it will follow you wherever you go. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimise its movements according to the user’s movement patterns getting smarter the more you use it.



Ever wish you can ditch your translation guides and handbooks on your next trip? Very soon you will be able to do that as Travis is set to roll out in the near future. It is a handy little device that can translate up to 80 languages. Just speak into the microphone and it will translate and do the talking for you. Not quite a real-world  babel fish, but looks like we are getting there.


Mymanu CLIK

This is another translation device. The Mymanu CLIK  is a pair of wireless earbuds that can translate languages face to face or over the air. The CLIK is targeted more to business travellers than tourists as the person you are speaking to has to have his own CLIK in order for the conversation to be translated. Unlike Travis, the CLIK can translate speech in a group conversation, but it only has up to 37 languages.



Ever wished you could just ride your suitcase instead of pulling it? It is now a reality with Modobag.  Modobag is the world’s only motorised carry-on luggage which you can ride like a scooter, complete with brakes and handlebars. You can ride on your luggage for up to 9.6km at 12km/h. That’s right, your suitcase can now move faster than your walking pace. Why move your suitcase when your suitcase can move you?


Google Trips

Google has launched a travel app called Trips in September. Hailed as a “killer app for the modern tourist”, Trips consolidates all your travel itineraries into one place. You can seamlessly access your bookings, tickets, reservations, and even find all the nearest tourist destinations. Think of it as a personal travel assistant.


Ostrich Pillow

Sleeping on an airplane is one of the world’s worst experiences, especially if you are stuck in economy class. It is just impossible to rest your head and neck comfortably. But with the Ostrich Pillow you can say goodbye to neck pain woes. Possibly one of the weirdest pillows ever made, you slip the pillow over your head like a hood and it provides support in whichever direction you rest your head.

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