What is NexlecWhat is Nexlec

Nexlec is a dental continuing education search engine. With Nexlec you can search for, enrol to, and track your continuing education. We know you are busy and trying to find the right education opportunities can be challenging. We partner with the best course providers from around the world and put their courses in one location to bring you exciting and interesting learning opportunities.


What is Nexlec?

by Nexlec Team 

Jan 30, 2019

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Nexlec is a comparison website for continuing education. We lists upcoming courses, events and tradeshows for professionals to search, compare and book what is right for them.

Our purpose is to empower professionals today to better serve their community tomorrow.

The name Nexlec is short for “Next Lecture”. We launched in 2019 in focused on the field of Dentistry and have since expanded into other healthcare industries.

Take a quick peek of the wide range of courses in Nexlec for HealthCare professionals:

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