A Look Back At Our Favourite Dental Courses Of 2018A Look Back At Our Favourite Dental Courses Of 2018

At Nexlec, we bring you courses from the best course providers around the world.


Our Favourite Dental Courses of 2018

by Nexlec 

Nov 01, 2018

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At Nexlec, we bring you courses from the best course providers around the world. From dental implants to cosmetic make overs, learn from teachers who are masters in their field and provide the best level of dental care for your patients. 

Take a look at a few of our favourites from 2018.

Ultimate Master Class in Composite Dentistry by Dr Didier Dietschi - CEO Dental

Hosted by Dr Michael Mandikos and Dr Tony Rotondo, founders of CEO Dental, Dr Didier Dietchi thrilled as always, with a in depth program on the amazing possibilities of composite resin.

Didier is one of those rare individuals who have academic brilliance as well as clinical mastery of their subject. He has written several texts on composites and adhesive dentistry, as well as countless articles. He is truly a master of composite dentistry, and in this program, he covered all of the important aspects of anterior and posterior composites, no-prep veneers and smile corrections, as well as how to restore the worn dentition.

The hands-on workshops gave participants the opportunity to work one on one with this master of cosmetic dentistry, to watch his techniques and learn his skills in a smaller group environment. Dr’s Rotondo and Mandikos assisted in the workshops to ensure all attendees had the maximum contact with their instructors.

Anyone who aspires to produce high quality aesthetics and function in composite dentistry knows of Didier or has trained with him. Keep an eye out for more CEO Dental courses on Nexlec - spoiler alert - they will be repeating their one of a kind Aegean Dental Conference in Kastellorizo, Greece next year. 

Live Implant Surgery and Course by Dr. Betrand Chew - DSS Academy

A perfect course for dental practitioners looking to gain real field experience in dental implant placement. Dr Bertrand Chew, hosted by DSS Academy Singapore took participants through a two part course with an intensive lecture program in Singapore followed by an all-inclusive hands on component in Nanning, China.

This course had limited availability providing a one-on-one mentorship program where participants had the opportunity to perform surgical techniques, as well as learn to manage complications, and other post-operative issues.

A perfect example of our Learn|Explore philosophy.

Guided Concept in Managing the Worn Dentition by Dr Stefan Koubi - Ivoclar Vivadent

All the way from France, we were thoroughly entertained by Dr Stefan Koubi’s interactive teaching style. Invited and hosted by Ivoclar Vivadent in Ho Chi Mihn City, Dr Koubi shared his expertise on minimally invasive, guided restoration of worn dentition cases.

His course stepped through a reproducible work flow with the desired outcome dictating the case planning phase. His sequenced approached allowed participants to understand the steps required to achieve predictable treatment outcomes for their patients without the anxiety of getting lost in the big picture.

Dr Koubi is the founder of L’Institut de la facette in Marseille where he also host courses in both French and English.

Mastering CBCT and Integrated Solutions by Dr Alok Lathi - Dentsply Sirona

Another opportunity for international knowledge sharing hosted by Dentsply Sirona Singapore with Dr Alok Lathi from India sharing his expertise in comprehensive utilisation of progressive dental technology for better diagnosis and treatment outcomes. With advances in dental imaging continuing to progress, the course was focussed on helping participants understand how to best use the technology available to the benefit of both themselves and their patients.  

Dr Lathi who is not only an extremely talented clinician but also an avid runner and musician provided as much entertainment as knowledge, making for a very fun full day course on Dental Imaging.

Practical Clinical Orthodontics Course - PCO New York

This is a 4-module course by Practical Clinical Orthodontics (PCO), a Continuing Education Group based in New York, in collaboration with DSS Academy in Singapore. The course is of the highest standard and accredited with the coveted ADA Cerp recognition.

Each module consist of a three day course designed to help you quickly deploy your new skills for your practice. Training is conducted by Dr. Thomas Lien and Dr. Tatiya Ungphakorn, both American Board of Orthodontist-certified trainers.

As the name suggests, the practical component comprises a big part of the course allowing participants to develop hands on skills useful in clinical practice throughout.

This is just a small snippet of a fantastic year and as the year comes to a close we are looking forward to bringing you an extensive list of outstanding dental continuing education courses that our course providers have to offer in 2019. Stay tuned so that you don't miss any exciting opportunities.  

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