5 Exciting Cities to Visit in Asia5 Exciting Cities to Visit in Asia

We’ve whittled away a long list of Asian destinations and present to you these 5 exciting places to start your Asian journey.


5 Exciting Cities to Visit in Asia

by Nexlec 

Mar 20, 2018

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In case you didn’t know, Asia is the largest and most populated continent in the world.  Whether you wish to kick back on white sandy beaches, take in the majestic views  of  the mountains, or party hard in urban cities, there is something for every type of traveller. 


If you can’t decide which city to visit  as a first-timer, don’t worry as  we’re here to help!   We’ve whittled away a long list of Asian destinations and present to you these 5 exciting places  to start your Asian journey. 


Seoul, South Korea 

As South Korea’s capital city, Seoul is the  beating heart of Korea.  Being the most populous Korean city for over 600 years, Seoul has its fair share of culturally  significant  buildings and UNESCO World Heritage sites. As the centre of Korean culture, Seoul has preserved two old residential districts as museums to showcase Korean traditional culture and lifestyle.  
Seoul is also a highly advanced metropolis where you can enjoy modern architecture, shopping, and exciting music clubs. There’s something for every type of traveller,  and  it shouldn’t be missed. 


Attractions:  Myeongdong,  Dongadaemun,  Gyeongbokgung,  Lotte  World


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Capital city to the country of Malaysia, Kuala  Lumpur  attracts millions of international travellers every year. Well known for its tourist and shopping attractions, KL is a modern city not unlike Singapore. Major attractions include the iconic Petronas Towers, the world tallest twin towers, the National Palace and the Jamek Mosque. Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown is another notable attraction for tourists, as well as the annual Thaipusam procession to Batu Caves, a major cultural festival that attracts many visitors each year.  


KL, as it is locally known, is a hub for entertainment and art festivals, you can  easily  catch international concerts and music festivals here every year.  Overall KL is a  beautiful  city that every traveller should add to their list. 


Attractions: Petronas Towers,  Batu  Caves, KL Bird Park, Thean Hou Temple, Petaling Street 


Mumbai, India 

If you’ve always wanted to explore  the  mystical  land of  India, Mumbai is  an excellent  place to start. Most travellers come to Mumbai as their starting point to discover  the rest of India.Formerly known as Bombay, Mumbai is the entertainment and economic capital of India. With over 5 million visitors per year, Mumbai is known for its impressive architectural skyline as well as its vibrant contemporary art movement.  Mumbai is also famous for being the heart of the Bollywood film industry.  Mumbai plays host to a wide variety of religious festivals from Christianity, Hinduism and Islamic events. An eye-opening cultural melting pot awaits visitors of Mumbai. 


Attractions: Gateway of India, Essel World, Kanheri Caves, Siddhivinayak Temple, Elephant Caves 


Osaka, Japan 

When you think of Japan,  most would think of  the capital of  Tokyo. Most people overlook Osaka, Japan’s  second  largest metropolis.  As the birthplace of Japan’s culture, Osaka is a city with rich history.  The large port city is home to modern architecture, nightlife and delicious street food.  While it may not have the shining image of Tokyo, you can easily find a vibrant modern city cradled in historical attractions.  From world famous cuisine to historic castles, it’s easy to have a great  holiday in Osaka. 


If you love Japanese culture, don’t miss Osaka. The people are welcoming, the sights are breath taking. And yes, the food is  amazing! 


Attractions:  Dotenbori, Osaka Castle, Universal Studios Japan, Tsutenkaku, Shitenno-ji


Bangkok, Thailand 

No list of Asia travel destinations is complete without mentioning Thailand.  It’s one  of the top holiday destinations in the  world. Bangkok is a city for every type of traveller. Whether you are a history buff, luxurious vacationer,  spree shopper,  party animal, beach bum, or an adventurous trekker, Bangkok has you covered.  Add to that the fact that it is relatively low cost destination filled with friendly people and  fantastic  food, millions of people have made Bangkok their dream holiday destination.  


Attractions: Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Jim Thompson House, Yaowarat Road, Erawan Shrine and Museum, Chatuchak Weekend Market  


Asia is a such a vast place.  There is simply too  much to do and  explore that we barely even scratched the surface. There are still cities like Taipei, Cebu, Beijing, Hanoi that you can add to your itinerary after you have visited these five  amazing  cities. 

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