Here are some interesting facts about chiropractic that you have never heard.


Fun Chiropractic facts

by Nexlec team 

Aug 31, 2021

Thumb l1 10 interesting facts about chiropractic

As more and more people discover the importance of good spinal health, the number of people who benefit from chiropractic increases. Here are some interesting facts about chiropractic that you have never heard.

1. The term “chiropractic” derives from two Grecian words: cheir which means hand, and praktos which means dine. “Done by Hand” …fitting right?

2. The first chiropractic treatment was given in 1895 by Daniel David Palmer (the father of chiropractic!) who helped a Janitor. He was able to regain his hearing after he was deaf for many years due to a back injury.

3. An injured worker is 28 times less likely to have spinal surgery if the first point of contact is a chiropractor rather than a surgeon.

4. Many people believe that chiropractic care isn’t medical and doesn’t require that much training. Quite the contrary! Doctors of Chiropractic go through a minimum of 4,200 hours of classroom time, lab and clinical internships. A doctoral graduate program takes a full four years to complete!

5. Chiropractic care is crucial after a car accident. Whiplash is one of the most common car injuries and is often treated primarily by a Chiropractor

6. Chiropractic care isn’t only a great corrective treatment, it can also be great for preventative care. With proper education and regular adjustments, it can be possible to keep future injuries from occurring and improve mobility.

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