World first co-working space for dentists

Dental city is a 15,000 sq ft arena for dentists, incorporating all aspects of dentistry under one single roof focusing on regional education and facilities thus creating a one stop solution for dentists.

A revolutionary concept that is set streamline how practicing dentists can operate on a daily basis. Key features of this space include:

  • Functional Dental Showroom / Suites – Registered with Ministry of Health.
  • Co Working- Dental Suite available for rental by Dentists. 
  • Commercial Dental Laboratory offering the full range of Dental
  • Prosthesis&Dental Laboratory Teaching Unit
  • Dental Shop
  • Multiple Lecture Rooms.
  • 50 Dental Simulation Units
  • Online Module of Dental Shop (Online marketplace)

With the anticipated launch date to be in January 2020 applications are open for consideration. 

Further information and updates will be released in the near future. In the interim all enquires can be sent to [email protected]