Walk Japan For a Unique Experience Into The Japanese Art of Living

They say there is nothing quite like local knowledge but unfortunately, we don’t all have a friend in Japan to show us around.

Enter, Walk Japan.

Founded in 1992 by two Hong Kong University academics Dr Thomas Stanley and Prof Richard Irving after planning countless study trips for their students in Japanese History and Japanese Social Geography, decided to share their extensive knowledge about this beautiful country with its mysterious culture, customs of the Japanese people, and their way of living.

Having run for over 25 years, Walk Japan has been recognised by National Geographic as “one of the 200 Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth”. A pioneering walking tour operator focussing exclusively on Japan and its many rarely visited secrets, Walk Japan offers an unrivalled selection of tours and continue to research more.

Tours are designed for guests who like to walk but also have an interest to learn, understand and appreciate what Japan has to offer. They vary in difficulty and adventure level but all have the common aim to immerse its guests in the culture and way of life while supporting local inns and restaurants which have been vetted by the research team for quality and comfort.

You will see, in a different light, cities you may have seen before, or visit remove villages in valleys you have never heard of and see temples of great cultural significance you would have never understood otherwise.

Our tour leaders hail from nations around the world. Their enthusiasm, friendliness, professionalism and knowledge of Japan is second to none and at the very minimum they are proficient in both English and Japanese.

So, join an almost local on your next visit to Japan to walk in the footsteps of Emperors, see Cherry Blossoms, snow, mountains and enjoy onsen hot springs after a day exploring the countryside. See the range of tours available on the Walk Japan website and immerse yourself in a culture so unique and ancient that its full secrets may never be revealed.