Get an Aerial View of Dubai and Share the Skies with Peregrine Falcons in Style

Balloon Adventures Dubai is the longest operating Hot Air Balloon Company in Dubai. We have chartered the Dubai desert since 2005. After 13 years and thousands of flights you could say we are the experts.

At Balloon Adventures, we enjoy the challenge of doing things that no one else would dream of. That is why we have world records and world firsts. On every Hot Air Balloon flight with Balloon Adventures experience a world first and fly with the world’s fastest animal! Share the skies with Peregrine falcons as we launch them from the Hot Air Balloon. It is something you can only do in Dubai!

We have a team of very experienced pilots, in fact, when it comes to flying hours they are the most experienced team in the world. They hold European Union Pilot Licenses and UAE Pilot Licenses. They know how to use the winds so you have the best and safest flight in Dubai. Learn all about them: Hot Air Balloon Pilots

Balloon Adventures Emirates LLC is licenced by the General Civil Aviation Authority (Air Operator’s Certificate AT024) and all our balloons undergo a strict maintenance programme including regular inspections. We set the very high standards of hot air balloon maintenance in the UAE.

We partner with the best: Platinum Heritage & Royal Shaheen Falconers, and you can tell by our yummy breakfast of caviar, hand cut smoked salmon and Eggs Benedict that we are all about quality!

We also have quite a few awards in our trophy cabinet! 

All the information (and boasts) on our website are true. This should be a given, however sometimes you get companies that like to embellish a little on their marketing claims. We laugh and cry at some of them, (petrol station sandwiches as a gourmet breakfast), but what concerns us is if they bend the truth on their safety and equipment the same way. You know you are in safe hands with the original and best Hot Air Balloon Company in Dubai.