Medium dental academy malaysia main image
Medium dental academy malaysia main image

Meet the educator series: Dental Academy Malaysia

The Dental Academy is a purpose-built Dental Clinical Training Academy focusing on Clinical Competency Training For General Dental Practitioners.

Renowned Clinical Specialist in their sub-specialty will conduct the training and teachings organized by The Dental Academy/ Dental Associations/ Principle or Supply Company / Fellowships/ Universities and Other Organizations that require dental teaching and simulation infrastructure

The Dental Academy has a State of art Dental Teaching Facilities that include 26 dental simulators/ Dental microscopes and a futuristic 25-sitter lecture theater.

We focus our teaching on practical clinical dentistry. We sharpen and increase the clinical skills of Dentists to be competent and confident in all domains of dentistry via Simulation/ Live Patient/ Discussions/ Lectures/ Hands-on Training as well as being personal specialists clinical mentors and advisors to all our participants.

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