Root Canal Filling With Thermo-Plasticized Gutta-Percha

Root Canal Filling With Thermo-Plasticized Gutta-Percha
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The success of the root canal treatment directly depends on the respect of the endodontic triad: canal preparation, disinfection and obturation. Obturation is an important step because it helps maintain the disinfection of the root canal space and isolate the periapical tissues from the oral environment. Over time, many techniques have been advocated to fill the root canal system and various methodologies have been used to assess microleakage after obturation. So far, warm vertical compaction is still considered the gold standard for filling root canals in all dimensions. To predictably use the technique, clear comprehension of the physical properties of gutta-percha is needed. It should also be noted that carrier-based obturation too is an efficient thermo-softened gutta-percha vertical technique but requires a specific protocol to obtain reproducible results. The presentation will describe the precise implementation of the warm vertical compaction technique.

Learning Objectives

  • Have an idea of the different methodologies to assess micro-leakage
  • Be aware of the physical characteristics of softened gutta-percha
  • Know the required conditions to implement the warm vertical compaction technique
  • Be able to describe step by step the warm vertical compaction technique
  • Know the conditions to optimize clinical results when using carrier-based obturation

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Prof Pierre Machtou


Dr Machtou graduated in 1967 from the Paris 7-Denis Diderot University. He completed his training and became a full professor at the same University in 1997 and served as Vice-Dean from 1998 to 2008. He is a member of numerous national and international endodontic and dental societies and a Fellow of the International College of Dentists.

In 2006, he was the recipient of the Pierre Fauchard’s Elmer S. Best Memorial Award. Dr Machtou lectured extensively and held seminars in many countries worldwide. He is the author of two books and co-editor of one endodontic textbook.

He wrote 11 textbook chapters and 70 articles in peer review journals. He has limited his practice to Endodontics since 1978 and is currently the co-director of the European Society of Endodontology certified graduate endodontic program in Paris