Recent Developments in Infection Control


This course will discuss recent developments in infection control and their practical implementation in the dental practice. ADAQ recommends members regularly attend CPD sessions for Infection Control to ensure they remain up-to-date and compliant with any new guidelines. The Lecture will also be followed by an hour practical application session with the ADAQ Education & Practice Advisory Services team.


  • The latest on developments in key national documents including the Australian Standards, NHMRC Guidelines, CDNA guidelines, Immunize Australia guidelines, and the ACSQHC National Health Safety Standards.
  • How to best use the 2015 ADA Guidelines and associated resources (the Self-Assessment Tool and the Infection Control Practical Guide).
  • Structuring your practice infection control protocol to meet the Qld requirements for an Infection Control Management Plan. 
  • Implementing Hand Hygiene for maximal effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Implementing transmission-based precautions: the when and how.
  • Water quality for dental practice: what is needed where.

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Fri, 04 September 2020

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8:30 AM


1 Day






ADAQ Function Centre

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22 Hamilton Place, Bowen Hills,
Brisbane, Queensland,
Australia, 4006

ADA Queensland
Thumb laurence walsh  edited image

Professor Laurie Walsh AO


Laurence Walsh has been Professor of Dental Science at UQ since 1999, where he leads the research and group in advanced technologies and materials. He has undertaken clinical and laboratory trials for a wide range of bleaching systems and technologies and has published extensively on this topic in the national and international literature. Laurence has over 25 years clinical experience with conventional and laser-based systems for treating more difficult cases including tetracycline staining. He has presented numerous lectures and hand-on courses in tooth bleaching systems and technologies for the past decade across the Asia-Pacific region and in North America.

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