Practical Oral Surgery - Stage 2


This second stage course builds on the introductory Practical Oral Surgery course, and is intended to assist practitioners with expanding their knowledge and skills in relation to a range of dento-alveolar surgical procedures. The course is designed to further improve surgical confidence in a practical atmosphere. Participants will use specialised replica anatomical models which reliably reflect normal anatomy and allow dissection, bone removal, sectioning and flap repair. A number of complex third molar simulation models will be provided to simulate the range of presenting impacted molar cases.


This second stage course will include a combination of theory and practical exercises including;

  • Complex third molar extractions
  • Advanced anaesthetic techniques for complex cases including intra osseous injection techniques
  • Advanced suturing skills, when and where to use
  • Oro-antral communications and their management
  • Advanced management of patients on contemporary anticoagulants
  • Advanced interpretation of the position of the inferior alveolar nerve in relation to third molars on cone beam images.

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Contact Hours:

6.5 hrs


Fri, 13 November 2020

Start Time:

8:00 AM


1 Day


Lecture and Hands On




ADAQ CPD & Training Centre

Google map
Google map

26 - 28 Hamilton Place, Bowen Hills,
Brisbane, Queensland,
Australia, 4006

ADA Queensland
Thumb anthony lynham

Dr Anthony Lynham

Anthony completed his surgical training in Maxillofacial surgery in Queensland. A Fellowship visit to Switzerland enabled him to gain further experience in this fascinating surgical field. Dr Lynhams’ experience includes dento-alveolar surgery, dental implants, wisdom teeth, facial trauma and reconstruction, sleep apnoea surgery, orthognathic surgery, bone grafting and oro-facial pathology. He has a special interest in orbital surgery and post traumatic facial reconstructive surgery. Anthony is currently a sitting member of Queensland Parliament representing the people of Stafford and is the Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.

Thumb dr edward hsu

Dr Edward Hsu

Dr Edward Hsu obtained his dental qualification with honours from the UQ in 1999 and medical qualification also from UQ in 2003. Following advanced surgical training rotating through most of the major hospitals in Queensland, Dr Hsu obtained the qualification of FRACDS (OMS) and is registered as a specialist oral and maxillofacial surgeon with both the Australian Dental Board and the Australian Medical Board. Dr Hsu then completed additional surgical fellowship training in one of the busiest tertiary referral hospitals in London, UK.

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