Picture Exchange Communication System - Level 2 (Advanced) - Psychology

Picture Exchange Communication System - Level 2 (Advanced)


Learn about strategies for incorporating PECS across an entire day within functional contexts, with expectations for the student to use language beyond single picture requests. Specifically, ‘advanced’ PECS lessons that teach a variety of linguistic concepts and grammatical structures will be described. Selection of appropriate targets, creation of functional lessons, and strategies for incorporating PECS will be discussed.

Course Outline

Attendance at a PECS Level 1 Workshop is a pre-requisite for this workshop.

Day 1:

This day focuses on a thorough review of how to implement each phase of PECS. The most common implementation problems, including discrimination difficulties, and cutting edge problem solving strategies will be addressed. Participants will practice their PECS skills under the guidance of a Pyramid consultant, troubleshoot their personal implementation issues, and watch video examples of PECS lessons. Participants are encouraged to share their own successful and difficult cases. The aim is to respond to the difficult cases in a manner that does not simply “fix” the situation, but results in successful problem solving.

Day 2:

This day explores incorporation of communication, advanced language and PECS implementation throughout the day. Both receptive and expressive communication skills are explored, with a focus on implementing these skills into a variety of functional activities. Ideas for advanced language lessons for learners using any modality (i.e. voice output systems, sign language, speech, etc.) are discussed. The day ends with information specifically related to incorporating PECS opportunities throughout the day. Concepts are explored through a combination of videos, discussions and small group activities.

Course Objectives

  1. How to analyse common difficulties with PECS implementation
  2. How to generate solutions to difficult PECS implementation situations
  3. How to analyse a classroom day and learn to program communication opportunities into all activities
  4. How to implement specific training strategies for teaching advanced language concepts

Who Can Benefit?

Speech pathologists, psychologists, parents/carers, occupational therapists, support staff, behavior analysts, program administrators, supervisors who have experience in implementing PECS and are familiar with training protocol, teachers in special education or mainstream setting working with children, adolescents and adults with limited communication skills (including autism).

Providers Terms

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  2. Payment of fees is not a guarantee for the event to be staged as planned. Should the event be cancelled for any reason, a full refund will be made to all registered participants and no other claims are allowed. The organizer disclaims responsibility should any change in the event occur for any reason.
  3. Participants to the course are not allowed to split registration for different persons.
  4. For 1 full day seminar, only one set of meal entitlement per day shall be given to the registered participants. For half day seminar, only coffee and tea will be provided.
  5. Food served will be “no pork and no lard”.
  6. No refund of fees for participant cancellations including medical leave but substitutions are allowed with written request to organizer at least two working days before the course commences.
  7. Registration will be taken as confirmed upon receipt of payment or issuance of invoice. Any cancellation will not be allowed. However, substitutions are allowed with written request to organizer at least two working days before the course commences. Please note that registration will be on a first-come-first-served basis. Payment must be received by due date, before attendance of training.
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Normal Rate

USD $611



Normal RateClosed
Contact Hours:

16.0 hrs


Thu, 30 November 2023

Start Time:

9:00 AM


2 Days






Furama City Centre


60 Eu Tong Sen St,
Singapore, Singapore,
Singapore, 059804

Bridging Talents



Sophie Kerr

BAppSci. (Disability Studies) (Honours) BEd

Sophie Kerr, BAppSci. (Disability Studies) (Honours) BEd, has worked in the field of disability in various capacities for the past 10 years with both children and adults whose disabilities rang from cerebral palsy to traumatic brain injury.Sophie's major focus over this time has been working with children on the autism spectrum aged between 2 and 14 years within Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) programs both in Australia and the UK. She has worked on an eclectic range of programs which have incorporated various interventions including picture communication, social skills development, speech and language development, motor skill development and sensory integration. Sophie joined Pyramid Educational Consultants of Australia in 2008. She has implemented PECS in her clinical work with numerous individuals with autism and related disabilities.

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