Huddles & Team Meetings

Huddles & Team Meetings
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Build enthusiasm, generate commitment and inspire your team by learning how to conduct a well-facilitated daily meeting that will improve team work and the effectiveness of internal communications.

Huddles & Team Meetings

Good communication systems are the backbone of success in any dental practice. The lack of these systems can lead to operational breakdowns leading to additional stress for the entire team. During times of uncertainty and change, such as we are experiencing from COVID-19, communicating effectively is more crucial than ever.

The best time to build enthusiasm, generate commitment and inspire your team is right now. In this course you will learn how to foster and promote great team spirit by incorporating systems which enable regular intra-team communication.

  • Team Huddles: You will learn the mechanics of how to run a well-facilitated daily meeting, of what we call the Daily Huddle. The Daily Huddle promotes teamwork and encourages open communication amongst everyone in the team resulting in a smooth, flowing day with reduced stress. As business resumes for all practices, find out how your huddles can be used to support your team and your patients through the impact of COVID-19.
  • Team Meetings: We will also cover how to get the most out of your regular team meetings by applying some simple guidelines and facilitation techniques. Meeting remotely, as many practices have done during the COVID-19 shutdowns and restrictions, have become the ‘new normal’. Learn how to get the most out of remote meetings and managing them so they are as effective as meeting face-to-face.

By encouraging an environment where communication flows positively, the practice will be able to function more productively and effectively.

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Our live interactive courses are run by our expert trainers in a virtual classroom training environment. You will be engaged in a variety of topics using chat tools, question polls, videos and so on!


Dentist, Hygienist / Therapist, Practice Owner, Practice Manager, Dental Assistant / Nurse, Front Office Coordinator.

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