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Foundation Level: Principles of Implant Dentistry
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This course, which is based on an internationally recognized curriculum, will be presented in a modular format both online and in a pre-clinical setting. Implant education for both the surgical and restorative phases of treatment will be carried out in a generic manner, that is, to discuss issues central to implant dentistry rather than over-emphasizing system-specific issues. Our presenters have been chosen with a wide range of implant experiences and system uses. The importance of the restorative dentist and a restoratively driven treatment plan in dental implant therapy is emphasized. Each of the modules will provide core information, however during later stages of the course issues inherent to four major implant systems will be discussed at length. This course has been organised to provide information relevant to more experienced practitioners and, also is to encompass issues related to maintenance and dealing with implant dentistry complications. Central to this course will be the emphasis on appropriate treatment planning to ensure clinical success in this ever-expanding field. At the conclusion of the course, successful completion of an on-line assessment will fulfill the requirements for award of the ITI Certificate in Implant Dentistry.

Goal/Learning Outcomes:

  • Theoretical: Foundation level knowledge in implant dentistry.
  • Clinical: To be able to maintain peri-implant tissue health and implant prostheses; and manage simple complications. To be able to restore Straightforward single tooth cases


Standardized on-line examination, assessment of hands-on activities Melbourne Dental School CPD certificate and ITI Certificate in implant dentistry, foundation level on successful completion of the assessment

Course Modules

There are six modules associated with this program, each outlined in detail below. Accompanying each of these modules will be links to videos and supplemental learning provided by ITI. While you do not need to be a member of the ITI to access these supplemental learning modules, ITI recommend that if you would like to have access to wider content and materials to further support your continued studies, membership is advised. Each module associated with this program, also has a short McQ to reinforce your knowledge as you move between each of the modules.

Module 1 Lecture Topics

  • Implants in Dentistry: Clinical applications of implants for the fixed and removable replacement of teeth / Dental Implant vs conventional tooth replacement modalities
  • Tissue Integration: Osseointegration, bone and bone healing / Soft tissue around teeth and implants – similarities and differences
  • Implant biomechanics: Mechanical behaviour of tissues and prostheses under load
  • Implant Survival and Success: Definitions of survival and success / Current evidence implant and prosthesis survival and success
  • Monitoring and Maintaining Peri-Implant Tissues: Baseline records (probing pockets, radiographs) and monitoring / Monitoring and maintenance / Oral hygiene education / Protocols for mucositis management / Protocols for peri-implantitis management and when to refer
  • Monitoring and Maintaining Implant Prosthesis: Occlusal assessment / Risks posed by occlusal forces, parafunction / Recommended guidelines

Module 2 Lecture Topics

  • Anatomy: Basic anatomy of the dento-facial region / Overview of anatomical structures with relevance to implant dentistry
  • Pharmacology: The relevance to implant dentistry
  • Principles of Radiography: ALARA, ALADA, 2D and 3D imaging for implant dentistry
  • Biosafety: General principles for dental practice / Aseptic protocols, clean versus sterile
  • Oral surgery: Equipment and instruments for dentoalveolar surgery/ General principles of flap design / Principles of flap management for implant surgery, including periosteal releasing incisions
  • Post-operative care and healing abutment management
  • Implant systems: Criteria for selecting an implant system
  • Legal and ethical aspects: Documentation and record keeping, including photographic records / Informed consent

Module 3 Lecture Topics

  • Structured assessment: Anamnesis/patient history/ Social factors
  • Medical risk factors: Common systemic risk factors that may influence dental implant management
  • Dental risk factors: Oral hygiene, chronic periodontitis, caries risk, salivary flow
  • Site assessment: Bone and soft tissues
  • Additional investigations: Diagnostic articulated dental casts, wax-up and set-up / Radiographic templates / Photography

Module 4 Lecture Topics

  • Principles of guided bone regeneration: Biological principles of GBR / Indications for GBR
  • Principles of bone management for implant site preparation: Surgical factors relating to achieve successful osseointegration
  • Tooth extraction: Wound healing following tooth extraction and implications for implant dentistry / Principles of ridge preservation / Rationale / Techniques and healing outcomes
  • Loading Protocols: Definitions / Indications for immediate loading
  • Surgical Technique 1: Dentsply Sirona implants / Description of key features of Dentsply Sirona
  • Biological principles of bone grafting: Basics of bone biology / Classifications of bone grafts and substitutes / Healing of bone grafts / Clinical examples of bone grafts in various indications
  • Surgical Technique 2: Straumann Dental Implant System / Description of key features of Straumann system

Module 5 lecture topics

  • Prosthodontically Driven Treatment Planning: Prosthodontic planning principles for implant dentistry / The prosthodontic "work-up" / The influence of implant position on restorative options and long-term outcomes
  • Recording Implant Position and Soft Tissue Form: Open tray and closed tray impressions / Indexing implant position / Emergence profile impressions
  • Implant Connections: Advantages and Disadvantages: Direct to fixture / Cross pin / Cemented / Angle corrections screws
  • Implant Abutments: Common usage key abutments in the Dentsply implants / Nobel Biocare / Straumann systems
  • Provisional Implant Restorations: Indications / Laboratory-fabricated provisionals / Direct provisionals
  • Delivery of the Fixed Implant Prosthesis: Protocol for prosthesis delivery: Step by Step / Evaluation of a prosthesis prior to delivery / Try-in and delivery / Torque settings
  • Occlusion in Relation to Implant Prostheses: Clinical relevance / Recording occlusion / Fitting and adjusting / Maintenance
  • Overdentures: Principles of implant retained overdentures
  • Incorporating Implant Dentistry into General Practice: Practical tips to incorporate restorative implant dentistry into daily clinical practice.

Hands-on Laboratory Sessions to be Completed Before Final Module (6) include

Pre-clinical exercises on:

  • Implant models: Instruments for implant monitoring and maintenance and plaque and calculus removal
  • Models
    • Atraumatic Extraction and Ridge Preservation
    • Placement of a Dentsply Sirona Implant system implant
    • Placement of a Straumann dental implant
  • Covering open tray impressions to incorporate the emergence profile
  • Meet the components with Nobel Biocare/ Straumann / Dentsply Sirona
  • Direct temporization / Fabrication of implant provisional restorations

CBCL (Case based collaborative learning):

  • Cases to be provided for participants to discuss in groups and to assess case complexity and establish risk profile (includes dental chart, radiographs, photographs)

Module 6 Lecture Topics

  • Diagnosing and Managing Biological Complications: Management strategies for biological complications with implants
  • Technical and Hardware Complications: Identifying causes and managing technical and hardware complications
  • Aesthetic Complications: Aetiology and management of aesthetic complications
  • The digital Workflow: Overview of the digital workflow in implant dentistry

Online Examination Details

  • The ITI Exam is based on the ITI online Academy Modules.
  • The presenter’s notes should reflect what is outlined in the ITI modules.
  • The final ITI online exam will run for 90 minutes and will consist of 60 multiple choice questions.
  • PIN access to the exam will be organised and given to all participants.
  • The pass mark for the exam is 60%. You will not receive an ITI certificate if you do not receive a mark of at least 60%. You will however still receive your CPD hours even if you do not pass the exam. These two certificates are separate.
  • The exam is open book, but participants are encouraged to not spend too much time sifting through notes as you may not finish the exam in the allotted time. The exam will automatically shut off after the 90 minutes.
  • There will be a zoom feedback session after the online examination where you will be given your results and non-participant-specific feedback provided.

For enquiries, contact: [email protected]

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Online Lectures Only

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Certificate of Attendance - A Certificate of Attendance will be emailed to each participant at the end  of the course listing CPD hours. The mandatory CPD scheme, as implemented by the Board, is self-regulatory. It is the responsibility of each participants to track the hours accrued by attending University courses on a log sheet for the current cycle.

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Tue, 29 August 2023

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9:00 AM


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