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Dentistry for all Dental support staff, is the powerful onboarding course aimed at providing Foundational Dental Knowledge and increase Dental Product and Service Knowledge of dental support staff. In short, this course is aimaed at getting staff to “Know their Stuff”. I also call this course Dentistry 101, as it takes Dental Staff through everything they need to know about Dentistry to excel in their roles.

Get your staff talking to patients confidently and with persuasion. Understanding basic Dentistry, Dental Procedures, Dental Treatments offered, and having the requisite Dental Service knowledge is important if you wish to excel in your role be it a Dental Assistant, Receptionist, Practice Manager, or Dental Spouse running the practice. Be part of a High-Performing Team. Know the basics.

Course Content:

This foundation course a prerequisite course for all dental support staff wanting to have sound “Product and Service Knowledge” of Dentistry. Product knowledge is important as it allows staff to communicate with patients with confidence and persuasion. Read why product knowledge is important here.

The course is divided into 4 lessons (10 hours) and is simply invaluable for all staff working in the dental industry (see Curriculum tab for the Lesson Headings).

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for all dental support staff (new and existing) especially if you:

  1. Have started a job in a Dental Practice but have very little or no knowledge about Dentistry
  2. Want to be more confident of the variety of dental problems patients can present with so you can address their situations with not only knowledge, but also empathy and care
  3. Feel confused with dental terminology being used by the dentist or staff, then this course is for you
  4. Want to learn of all the different procedures, know what is done when, and how to describe this to patients in simple language with using jargon
  5. Need to explain procedures to patient clearly and confidently so they are more inclined to make a booking and accept your recommendations
  6. Want to understand enough of dental anatomy, the parts of a tooth/gums, dental diseases and how they start, how they can be prevented so you can talk to patients with conviction
  7. Need more confidence assisting the dentist with clinical note writing, dental charting, Treatment planning, or giving post-op instructions
  8. Are not yet familiar with the Dental Codes that are used in charting and/or the fee structure and the business of dentistry
  9. Want to project a professional image by improving your Product Knowledge of the dental industry
  10. This is also a great refresher course for all staff even if they have worked in the industry for a while

Benefits Of Doing This Course? (See Curriculum)

  1. Strong onboarding and refresher course to get all staff on the same page
  2. Working knowledge of Dentistry as a profession – Product knowledge
  3. Good overview of Common Dental Problems, causes and prevention
  4. Using ADA dental codes confidently in charting and treatment planning
  5. Understanding of Dental Solutions and how to explain things to patients
  6. Being able to understand and use common dental terminology fluently
  7. Powerful assisting with clinical and administrative note writing
  8. Communicating with patients with confidence and conviction increasing case acceptance
  9. Less stress, better practice flow and handovers, increased job satisfaction for staff
  10. Increased efficiency and improved patient care
  11. This is a must-do, prerequisite course to allow dental support staff to excel in their roles.

IMPORTANT NOTES: (From the organizer)

  • Price quoted is per person for an Online-Self Paced course.
  • Register, purchase online and start anytime.
  • Once you have purchased the course, you will be sent the password and you can start the course.
  • This course can be delivered Online-Live (over 2 days) for groups. Please contact us.
  • If you wish, this course can also be delivered Face-to-Face onsite or at premises of your choice.
  • Group discounts are available. Please contact us.

For more info, please visit the organizer's website to submit your query or just call 0407732297 or email us at [email protected]


  • Lesson 1
    • Lecture 1.1: Protected - Dentistry for all support staff (L1): Dental Anatomy, Dental Diseases, ADA Codes (2hrs) - 01 hour 30 mins
    • Quiz 1.1: Foundational Knowledge_Quiz Set 1 - 4 questions
  • Lesson 2
    • Lecture 2.1: Protected - Dentistry for all support staff (L2): Dental Problems and Procedures (extra-oral) (3hrs) - 03 hours
    • Quiz 2.1: Foundational Knowledge_Quiz Set 2 - 4 questions
    • Lesson 3
    • Lecture 3.1: Protected - Dentistry for all support staff (L3): Intra-Oral Dental Problems and Procedures - 02 hours
    • Quiz 3.1: Foundational Knowledge_Quiz Set 3 - 4 questions
  • Lesson 4
    • Lecture 4.1: Protected - Dentistry for all support staff (L4): Understanding Needs and Personalities of Patients - 02 hour
    • Quiz 4.1: Foundational Knowledge_Quiz Set 4 - 4 questions
  • Lesson 5 - Introduction: Why All Staff Need To Have Dental Product And Service Knowledge
    • Lecture 5.1: Protected - Benefits of all staff having strong Dental Product and Service Knowledge

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10.0 hrs


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5 Lessons - Online self-paced or other modes on request

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Dr. Nupur Hackwood

Dental Consultant and Trainer Australia

My background as a Dentist for 34 years, Dental Practice Owner for 11 years, Dental Educator, Dental Researcher and Publisher, Certified Dental Trainer in RTOs, Quality Assurance Head, and also a Dental Specialist puts me in a unique position to thoroughly understand the business of Dentistry and also the needs and wants of every member working in a Dental Business.

I provide practical, hands-on, affordable dental training workshops for the entire dental team. I have developed these courses with careful thought on what the dental industry needs today.

Starting with a small 1 chair dental practice, I scaled and grew to a 4 chair dental practice with 3 Dentists and an OHT within 5 years and ended with approximately a 2 Million Dollar turnover during my 11 years ownership. So, I know what it takes to scale and grow a business cost effectively and how to use KPI numbers as a GPS to get there. This is my forte.

I strongly believe in training staff not just to have a high-performing team and reduce stress, but also because it helps nurture, grow, motivate and keep staff engaged and happy and increases staff retention. I have trained new graduate dentists, dental assistants, receptionists and practice managers for 11 years.

In the 11 year period when I owned and operated my own business, I conducted structured in-house training programmes which comprised of not just a regular weekly staff meeting but also, monthly, quarterly and annual staff training sessions.

Based in the Gold Coast Queensland / Northern Rivers NSW area, I provide online, off-site and onsite training courses and consulting services to dental practice members all across Australia.

I have also worked as Head of Quality at National Dental Centre in Singapore for 2 years, lived and worked as a dental researcher in NZ, Japan and the USA and published many papers in peer reviewed journals of repute.

I am also a certified trainer with Cert IV TAE and have run and facilitated workshops at TAFE. I have worked as clinical tutor at Queensland University & Griffith University and have tutored 3rd, 4th, and 5th year dental students.

I truly understand the gaps in workflow and processes in dental practices and the gaps in knowledge and skills of dental team members and am here to help you bridge these gaps and excel. I am passionate about training and guiding you to achieve your goals in Dentistry.

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