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Dental Update 2023: Keeping You At The Forefront of Dentistry
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Dental Update 2023 showcases advances and updates in the dental field from expert leaders and presenters offering the delegates an exceptional and comprehensive two day event with 15 hours of attainable CPD. Restorative Dentistry, Infection Control, Restorative aspects of Dental Implants and Oral Surgery are just a sample of the diversity of important updates that will be provided at Dental Update 2023. The two day event sees six leading experts, including Dr Christopher Ho, Professor Ian Meyers OAM, Professor Hien Ngo, A/Professor Sharon Liberali, Dr Faye Goodyear and oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr Anthony Lynham combine to present this outstanding event in the fine surroundings of the Brisbane Hilton Hotel, Friday & Saturday, 14-15 July 2023. Be part of the DU2023 experience. We look forward to welcoming you to this outstanding event.

Our Philosophy

The Queensland Dental Group is a leading Australian organizer of exceptional dental continuing educational events, welcoming delegates from across Australia, New Zealand and beyond to engage in cutting edge CPD. These events have been opened on many occasions by State Ministers and Members of Parliament with the Queensland Dental Group achieving a major milestone in 2022, its 50th event. We remain focused in offering our delegates the opportunity to experience exceptional presentations by leading experts in fine surroundings. A unique attribute of Queensland Dental Group events is that no sponsorship is sought or included to allow all presenters every opportunity to present their unbiased views with tremendous impact. Organizing Dental CE the way it’s meant to be. We look forward to welcoming you to DU2023.

An Exceptional Event Awaits

Dental Update 2023 sees six leading experts combine to present this outstanding event.

A diversity of topics will be covered across the two day event and provide practitioners essential updates on techniques, materials and patient management approaches. Restorative Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Infection Control Orthodontics Implant Dentistry and updates on Infection Control are snapshots of the extensive range of topics that will be covered at the event.

Dental Update 2023 is a limited attendance event and will be held in the fine surroundings of the Brisbane Hilton Hotel. Secure your spot for this essential update.

Event Sessions

Day 1 - 14 July 2023 (Friday)


            Session presented by: PROF IAN MEYERS OAM

    • Occlusal replication and injection moulding techniques
    • Advances in dental adhesives, composite resins, glass ionomers & glass hybrids
    • The materials and their uses, the expectations and the limitations
    • How to simplify the complex cases
    • Patient friendly procedures with improved functional and aesthetic outcomes
  • 10:15 — 10:30: MORNING TEA

            Session presented by: PROF HIEN NGO

    • Optimizing approaches to maintaining restored dentitions longer
    • Gaining maximum benefit through dental material selection
    • MI strategies for the management of caries & hypersensitivity
    • Understanding the various roles of Glass Ionomer Cements
    • Conservative restorative techniques & alternative options for restoration
  • 12:30 — 1:30: LUNCH

            Session presented by: PROF IAN MEYERS OAM

    • Embracing the analogue / digital workflow opportunities
    • Changing patient demographics with changing expectations
    • The compromised tooth, when to restore and when to replace
    • MI Dentistry, how has it changed and where is it going
    • Blending the oral health physician and the restorative technician
    • Where to from here, what’s next in general practice dentistry
  • 3:15 — 3:30: AFTERNOON TEA

            Session presented by: DR FAYE GOODYEAR

    • The latest on aligners who is making them and what is new in the plastic space?
    • Aligners vs Fixed – what works best for which cases
    • How to improve predictabliity
    • Trouble shooting – how to spot what is going wrong and why
    • Clinically relevant research information
    • Disasters and how to avoid them

Day 2 - 15 July 2023 (Saturday)


            Session presented by: DR ANTHONY LYNHAM

    • Oral Surgery in the Dental Practice
    • How to avoid that unfortunate oral surgery predicament
    • How to determine clinically and radiographically the teeth that will cause concern
    • When trouble strikes – how to regain control and complete the task
    • Post operative care to ensure a problem free recovery
    • Case examples of when things went wrong and what should have been done
  • 10:15 — 10:30: MORNING TEA
  • 10:30 — 12:30: INFECTION CONTROL UPDATE 2023

            Session presented by: A/PROF SHARON LIBERALI

    • Changes to Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) Guidelines
    • Key Infection Control framework documents changes, new Australian Standard 5369
    • Impact of COVID-19 on clinical dental practice in Australia
    • Impact of AS 5369 on reprocessing and sterilizing work-practices
    • Registered Practitioner IPC Responsibilities with Dental Board of Australia
    • How COVID-19 has increased our understanding of transmission-based precautions
  • 12:30 — 1:30: LUNCH

            Session presented by: DR CHRISTOPHER HO

    • Angulated screw options
    • Single tooth peri-implant aesthetics
    • Abutment design and selection
    • Influence of restorative contours
    • Prosthetic complications and how to manage them
  • 3:15 — 3:30: AFTERNOON TEA

            Session presented by: DR CHRISTOPHER HO

    • Preparation protocols for onlays and crowns
    • Pre-treatment of ceramics and tooth surfaces
    • Adhesive cementation of different ceramics
    • Utilization of digital dentistry from smile design to CAD-CAM
    • Understanding occlusion for long term success with ceramics

Providers Terms

(1) All events advertised on this website are being organized by the Queensland Dental GroupTM Pty Ltd ACN 139051362, ABN 32139051362.

(2) The Queensland Dental GroupTM and its representatives, hereinafter referred to as the “organizer”, guarantee these events are compliant with current Dental Board of Australia guidelines on continuing professional development. Participants may use these events towards meeting the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements as set by the Dental Board of Australia.

(3) Each event has received CPD verification from the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA). NZDA verifies, that based on the information provided to NZDA, these activities meet the Dental Council policy requirements for CPD. NZDA CPD verification does not imply promotion or endorsement of the contents of any course.

(4) Participants need to use professional judgement to assess the validity and usefulness of techniques, materials or therapeutic products to their own practice.

(5) Participants will receive a certificate indicating the number of CPD hours attained. For eligible participants registering for and attending the ‘Dental Update 2023’ event a maximum of 15 Hours of scientific CPD credit is attainable by attending both days of the event and a maximum of 7.5 hours is attainable by attending a single day of the event.

(6) A discounted Early Bird registration option is available for participants registering to attend the ‘Dental Update 2023’ event. To receive a discounted early bird registration for ‘Dental Update 2023’ the completed registration form needs to be received and paid for in full by 31 May 2023.

(7) All participants registering for and/or attending an event agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

(8) Some of the hotels, at which these events are being held, may offer registered participants accommodation at conference rates subject to room availability. Participants opting to stay at the hotel should check with and book their accommodation directly with the hotel. Participants are responsible for any accommodation or other costs incurred.

(9) All fees and monies referred to on the website and in printed and digital advertising material are in Australian Dollars ($AUD). Registration payments are only accepted in Australian Dollars ($AUD).

(10) The organizer reserves the right to make any additions, omissions and alterations from time to time and will not be liable for the accuracy of the website content, digital content or the content of advertising material for the events.

(11) Registration for these events includes morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea.

(12) Any participant with one or more special dietary requirements should indicate these in the allocated section on the registration form at the time of registration, so that the venue may be pre-advised of the participant’s dietary requirements. Whilst the event venue will try to accommodate these needs wherever feasible, special dietary requests cannot be guaranteed. Participants with any known food allergies are recommended to take their own precautions and discuss their dietary restrictions directly with the hotel venue’s banquet team in advance of the event.

(13) No sponsorship has been sought for these events to allow all presenters to provide their own unbiased views, opinions and preferences.

(14) The organizer and its organizing committee do not accept any responsibility or liability regarding the content and material presented at any of the events. Each presenter is free to present their own material to best address presentation topics as they see appropriate.

(15) Each participant is solely responsible for the use of any information provided during these events. Each participant should use professional judgement to assess the validity and usefulness of techniques, materials or therapeutic products to their own practice.

(16) If a presenter is unable to present due to ill health or any other reason, the organizer reserves the right to arrange another advertised presenter at the event or a new presenter to present the topic or to present a different topic in the allocated session or sessions on behalf of the presenter who is unable to do so. The organizer reserves the right, if a presenter is unable to present their event session in person, for the presenter to present their session virtually or through pre-recorded means.

(17) Registration for an event does not include insurance of any kind and it is strongly recommended that participants arrange their own travel and other insurances.

(18) The organizer, their representatives, employees, agents and the presenters do not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage to or loss of a participant’s personal property at any of the event venues.

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(20) Any registered participant who is unable to attend may cancel their registration and must do so in writing via email or mail. For any registered participant whose cancellation request is received in writing at least ten (10) business days prior to an event for which the participant is registered for, any registration fees paid by the participant will be kept in credit for the participant and may be applied towards the attendance of another Queensland Dental Group event within 18 months time from the date of registration cancellation. Any registered participant who cancels their registration within ten (10) business days prior to an event for which the participant is registered for or fails to attend, will not receive any registration credit and will not receive a refund of the registration fee. The organizer will have no further responsibilities nor be liable for any loss of income or cancellation fees of travel arrangements or accommodation or other monies expended by the participant.

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Contact Hours:

15.0 hrs


Fri, 14 July 2023

Start Time:

7:30 AM


2 Days






Hilton Brisbane

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190 Elizabeth St,
Brisbane, Queensland,
Australia, 4000

Queensland Dental Group


Thumb christopher ho  edited

Dr. Christopher Ho

Dr Christopher Ho is a Specialist Prosthodontist who received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery with First Class Honours at the University of Sydney. He completed postgraduate studies in the Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry in Oral Implants at the University of Sydney, a Masters of Clinical Dentistry in Prosthodontics with Distinction from the University of London and Doctorate in Clinical Dentistry in Prosthodontics from the University of Sydney. He is Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy, Special Field Member of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons in Prosthodontics and a Fellow of the American College of Dentists. Dr Ho lectures extensively on aesthetic and implant dentistry both nationally and internationally. He is a visiting lecturer to the postgraduate Oral Implant Diploma and Prosthodontic programs at the University of Sydney, Adjunct Associate Clinical Professor at University of Puthisastra, Faculty member of the Global Institute for Dental Education and Visiting Lecturer at Kings College London, United Kingdom. He is Head of School of Postgraduate Dentistry at the Australasian College of Dental Practitioners. He is author of numerous publications, as well as Editor of the Wiley textbooks “Practical Procedures in Aesthetic Dentistry” and “Practical Procedures in Implant Dentistry”.

Thumb ian meyer  edited

Prof. Ian Meyers

Professor Ian Meyers OAM is a general dental practitioner and honorary professor at The University of Queensland School of Dentistry. Over the last thirty five years he has been involved in dental research, clinical dentistry, private practice, university and hospital based dental clinics and been a director and board member of numerous dental associations and colleges. His previous positions include being appointed as the inaugural Colgate Chair of Dental General Practice Dentistry, Chief Dental Officer for Queensland Health, President of the Queensland Branch of the Australian Dental Association, and CEO of the Australian Dental Association Queensland Branch. He is a Fellow and current Board member of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons and the International College of Dentists, and is a Fellow of the Academy of Dentistry International and the Pierre Fauchard Academy. Professor Meyers is a long standing member of the ADA Dental Instruments, Materials and Equipment Committee and a member of the editorial board of The Australian Dental Journal and several other international journals. He is an external examiner at several dental schools and examiner for the Australian Dental Council. Throughout his career as an academic and clinician Ian has developed extensive experience in comprehensive patient care, diagnosis and management of worn and broken down dentition, geriatric and aged care dentistry, adhesive restorative dentistry and dental materials, and the management of patient’s in general dental practice through minimum intervention dentistry. He has lectured extensively on these topics both nationally and internationally.

Thumb hien ngo  edited

Prof. Hien Ngo

Professor Ngo has extensive experience in private practice, research and education.

For two decades, he was the principal of a dental practice located in the business district of Adelaide. He has maintained regular clinical sessions treating patients with advanced caries and erosion. As an educator, he has published and lectured extensively on dental materials, Minimal Intervention dentistry and clinical cariology. He serves on the editorial boards of several dental journals. Over the last 15 years, he has been very active as an international speaker and have contributed to numerous major international meetings. In research, he is active in the areas of dental materials and cariology, and his current focus revolves around the clinical management of caries, especially in the elderly and medically compromised patients and the interactions between glass-ionomers and the oral environment, and silver diamine fluoride. He was invited to the University of Queensland as Professor and Chair of General Dental Practice in 2009. In 2012, he joined the University of Kuwait as Professor of the department of General Dental Practice and Director of Comprehensive Dental Care. In 2016, he joined the University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, as Dean of its Faculty of Dental Medicine and Executive Director of the University Dental Hospital Sharjah. He is currently Dean of the University of Western Australia Dental School, Director of the Oral Health Centre Western Australia and serving in the State Oral Health Council of Western Australia. He has been a technical consultant to several dental organizations and was co-inventor of several dental products.

Thumb sharon liberali  edited

A/Prof. Sharon Liberali

A/Professor Liberali completed her undergraduate dental degree at the University of Adelaide in 1986 and was awarded a Doctor of Clinical Dentistry in Special Needs Dentistry at the University of Adelaide in 2009. In 2010 she became a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons in the special field of Special Needs Dentistry. In 2011 she was awarded a Fellow of the International College of Dentists (FICD) and in 2013 a Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy. In 2019 she completed a Master of Science in Medicine (Pain Management) in Orofacial Pain at the University of Sydney. A/Professor Liberali is the Director and Senior Consultant of the Special Needs Unit, Adelaide Dental Hospital, SA Dental Service, and holds an honorary Associate Dental Consultant position at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. She is the Program Director of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Geriatric & Special Needs Dentistry at the Adelaide Dental School University of Adelaide, a panel member on the RACDS Board of Studies for Special Needs Dentistry and is the Principal Dentist at Health Partners Dental, Adelaide’s largest private dental practice. A/Professor Liberali is past President of the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Special Needs Dentistry and also the SA Branch of the Australian Dental Association. In 2021, she completed her 6-year tenure as Chair of the national ADA Infection Control Committee, but continues as a member representing the ADA on the HE-023 committee for Standards Australia and the NHMRC Infection Control Guidelines Advisory Committee. She is also a member of the Constitution Committee of the SA Branch of the Australian Dental Association. A/Prof Liberali was awarded a Distinguished Service Award for her services to the dental profession from the federal Australian Dental Association in 2019, and the SA Branch of the Australian Dental Association in 2020.

Thumb fayer goodyear  edited

Dr. Faye Goodyear

Dr Faye Goodyear is an Orthodontist with a specialist practice in Toowong. She graduated from Guy’s Hospital in 1998 and then returned to complete her Masters degree in Orthodontics which she completed in 2005 prior to emigrating to Australia later that year. She also holds a honours degree in Psychology from the University of London. She is a past president of the Australian Society of Orthodontics Queensland branch and is a member of the Australian Orthodontic Society, The British Orthodontic Society and the European Orthodontic Society. She worked in the public sector for 10 years prior to taking over the sole ownership of her private practice. She has also taught Orthodontics to undergraduates at the University of Queensland. She is married with two children and in her spare time she cycles competitively.

Thumb anthony lynham  edited

A/Prof. Anthony Lynham

A/Professor Anthony Lynham is a well-respected Maxillofacial Surgeon involved with all aspects of dento-alveolar surgery, wisdom teeth, facial trauma and reconstruction, bone grafting and oro-facial pathology. Having for many years working as a Senior Consultant, he constantly witnessed the senseless effects of trauma and violence in our society. He entered politics in 2014 to engineer change. As a Senior Government Minister, he was responsible for a raft of measures that are still in effect and making a significant difference. He is now a Clinical Director of one of the nation’s leading institutes in trauma research, the Jamieson Trauma Institute at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital. He maintains a busy clinical practice at the Queensland Maxillofacial Group and holds the academic appointment of Associate Professor at the University of Queensland School of Medicine.

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