Certificate in Dyspraxia – Defining, Assessing, and Intervening for Change

Certificate in Dyspraxia – Defining, Assessing, and Intervening for Change
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This 3-day workshop will include the theory of different sub-categories of Dyspraxia and explain the background in the nervous system. Multiple techniques and interventions (top down and bottom up) will be shared in order to plan intervention. The third day will cover in-depth information on assessment and clinical observations following the three-phase system of Maude’s own Developmental Pathways Model (DPM). This is a workshop not to be missed for anyone working in the field of pediatrics, schools, and early learning. Discover how Dyspraxia influences learning, attention and executive functioning.

Course Outline

Day 1:

  • 08.30 - Registration
  • 09.00 - Definitions of Praxis and Dyspraxia
  • 10.30 - Break
  • 11.00 - Somatodyspraxia
  • 11.30 - Bilateral Integration, Sequencing and Timing Dyspraxia
  • 12.30 - Lunch
  • 13.30 - Influence of the Visual System on Dyspraxia
  • 14.30 - Influence of the Auditory System on Dyspraxia
  • 15.00 - Break
  • 15.30 - Interoception
  • 16.30 - Case Study
  • 17.00 - Adjourn

Day 2:

  • 09.00 - Sensory Modulation
  • 10.00 - Sensory Motor
  • 10.30 - Break
  • 11.00 - Intervention with practice
  • 12.30 - Lunch
  • 13.30 - Intervention with practice
  • 15.00 - Break
  • 15.30 - Case study

Day 3:

  • 09.00 - Principles of Assessment – DPM
  • 09.30 - Phase 1: Foundation
  • 10.30 - Break
  • 11.00 - Continue Phase 1: Foundation
  • 12.30 - Lunch
  • 13.30 - Phase 2: Organization
  • 15.00 - Break
  • 15.30 - Phase 3: Executive Functioning
  • 17.00 - Adjourn

Course Objectives

  • Define at least 3 different sub categories of Dyspraxia and components thereof
  • Practice at least 10 different techniques for intervention
  • List at least 5 high-intensity programs that support development in Dyspraxia
  • Consider the impact of Dyspraxia on developing learning, reading and writing skill
  • Apply 3 phases of assessment to evaluate the developmental trajectory in Dyspraxia

Who Can Benefit?

Occupational therapist (OT) or OT to be

Providers Terms

  1. Please note that registration will be on a first-come-first-served basis and course fees must be paid prior to closing date to reserve a place.
  2. Payment of fees is not a guarantee for the event to be staged as planned. Should the event be cancelled for any reason, a full refund will be made to all registered participants and no other claims are allowed. The organizer disclaims responsibility should any change in the event occur for any reason.
  3. Participants to the course are not allowed to split registration for different persons.
  4. For 1 full day seminar, only one set of meal entitlement per day shall be given to the registered participants. For half day seminar, only coffee and tea will be provided.
  5. Food served will be “no pork and no lard”.
  6. No refund of fees for participant cancellations including medical leave but substitutions are allowed with written request to organizer at least two working days before the course commences.
  7. Registration will be taken as confirmed upon receipt of payment or issuance of invoice. Any cancellation will not be allowed. However, substitutions are allowed with written request to organizer at least two working days before the course commences. Please note that registration will be on a first-come-first-served basis. Payment must be received by due date, before attendance of training.
  8. All information provided in this form is accurate up to the closing date of normal registration.
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Contact Hours:

21.0 hrs


Thu, 20 October 2022

Start Time:

9:00 AM


3 Days


Live Online Training





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Maude Le Roux

Ph.D.OTR/L, IMC, SIPT, CTC, DIR-FT International Trainer

Maude Le Roux, OTR/L is an international speaker considering a wide array of topics pertaining development in children. She has been a regular speaker at our events for thee past 10 years. Even as she travels and trains extensively, she continues to operate a pediatric practice in Glen Mills, PA. Maude designs her own courses, as well as trains for other organizations such as ICDL (DIR/Floortime) globally. She serves on the Board for ATTACh to develop the consideration of attachment and trauma in the work of occupational therapists. Maude “re-energizes” as she teaches and inspires her listeners to feel the importance of the work they do. She co-authored a book, “Our Greatest Allies” with Lauren O’Malley, available on Amazon.com. Maude opened her own online academy (www.maudeleroux.com) in January 2019 to increase accessibility of practical “know-how” based on scientific theory for therapists, teachers and parents. Her mantra: ‘If a child could, he / she would!”

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