Autism: Absolute Thinking in A Relative World. Context blindness 2.0

Autism: Absolute Thinking in A Relative World. Context blindness 2.0
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Many ideas about the autistic brain are based on conceptions about the human brain that are outdated. The computer as a metaphor for the brain, with its input, processing and output, has been very useful in the past, but seems to be incorrect in the light of recent discoveries in brain science. The brain is not a computer: the brain is guessing more than it is computing. In order to make these smart guesses, the brain has developed a unique characteristic: contextual sensitivity. The brain uses context to predict the world. This is known as the predictive coding account of human information processing.

Course Outline

The course will address the concept of absolute thinking (reduced contextual sensitivity in predicting the world). The predictive coding perspective offers some thought provoking new ideas, such as why traditional emotion recognition programs and traditional social skills training are not a good idea for children with autism and why autism friendliness is not the same as eliminating or reducing stimuli.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding what predictive processing is and what the role is of context in predictions.
  • Identifying the role of context in social interaction, communication and flexibility in thoughts and actions
  • Knowing what ‘pushing the context button’ means and how it is pivotal for creating an autism friendly environment
  • Reflecting on the extent to which your own practice (teaching, therapy, ….) supports your clients/students in seeing and using context

Who Can Benefit?

This course is suitable for anyone working or living with children or adults on the autism spectrum. It will be of interest to parents, teachers / educators, teaching assistants / aids, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, and psychologists.

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Course Fee$230Early BirdClosed
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Tue, 07 September 2021

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Peter Vermeulen


MSc and PhD in Psychology and Educational Sciences. Worked with people with ASD and their families for more than 30 years. Founder of “Autism in Context”, where autism is understood in context. Senior lecturer at Autisme Centraal, a training and education centre for autism spectrum disorders. Peter is an internationally respected lecturer/trainer and he presents all over Europe and beyond. Peter wrote more than 15 books and several articles on autism. For his +30 years of work in the field of autism, he received in 2019 a Lifetime Achievement Award.


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