Australasian Clear Aligner Symposium 2020


ACAS2020 is our second clear aligner symposium after the massive success of ACAS2019 in February. ACAS2020 will be for all who are interested in the clear aligner space – from Dentists to Orthodontists, OHT and support staff such as managers or nurses. ACAS2020 will feature 5 lecture streams to have a broad variety of education around the clear aligner space. We are expecting a huge turnout after what we experienced at ACAS2019 – Secure your spot today and benefit from the EARLY BIRD SPECIALS in combination to the ACAS (Australasian clear aligner society) membership to save even further.

The symposium will run from the 21st to the 22nd of February 2019 with a workshop on the 23rd of February at additional fees. 


For a long time, any kind of aligner education has been specific to a certain system. The sole aim of this symposium is to openly educate about clear aligners, and not a specific brand. This concept is best demonstrated through a dental example.In endodontics, some practitioners are interested in learning, say, the “ProTaper” system, whereas some practitioners are interested in learning the core principles of endodontics. They are interested in learning how to use certain techniques to achieve their desired result and how to integrate them into their practice. Additionally, when attending specific system based training, some presenters may be muted due to the nature of the course.

Depending on your involvement in clear aligners, it may or may not surprise to know there are more than one hundred clear aligner manufacturers in the world. It may also surprise you that the fundamental concepts of treatment remains the same for all clear aligners. We strongly believe that the clear aligner market will continue to grow at an exponential rate and the time is now to learn about clear aligners: what they can do, what they can’t do, biomechanics, how to implement them in your practice and how to succeed in the field. All aligner companies being used in Australia will be invited to have a booth at the symposium trade-show room but under no circumstance whatsoever will there be financial or other influence as to what is said and presented at this event by any clear aligner company. We have worked extremely hard to secure the very best, educational and engaging speakers in the field to present at our symposium. Each clinician invited to speak about aligners comes with enriched knowledge from their case experiences, which means they have a wealth of knowledge about aligners and are ready to share it with us.


The course is best suited to clinicians who are currently using clear aligners as well as those who want to begin using clear aligners. Auxiliary staff including OHT, dental assistants and admin may also find some aspects of the course beneficial.

Providers Terms

Ticket sales include admission to ACAS2020 for Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd February 2020 at ICC Darling Harbour, Sydney. Sunday 23rd February 2020 - TBC - subject to additional costs or registrations. Please note your place is NOT confirmed until full payment is received and confirmation sent and received. We do not suggest booking any flights or accommodation until confirmation is received. We do accept attendee transfers between professional colleagues, however, changes in registrations will not be refunded. Cancellation fees applies. Fees will be refunded as per the following with the deduction of an administration fee of $110 per cancellation. Notice Period Supplied: 100% refund - by 22nd November 2019 less administration fee of $110. 50% refund - by 22nd December 2019. 0% - refund after 22nd December 2019.

The cost of the ticket may vary. You must select the correct occupation as this effects ticket prices and will be checked against AHPRA registrations.

Symposim Dentist/Orthodontist - Early Bird$986Closed
Symposium + Workshop Dentist/Orthodontist - Early Bird$1,638Closed
Symposium Dentist/Orthodontist$1,974Closed
Symposium + Workshop Dentist/Orthodontist$2,952Closed
Symposium Hygienist/OHT - Early Bird$591Closed
Symposium + Workshop Hygienist/OHT - Early Bird$985Closed
Symposium Student/Auxillary - Early Bird$394Closed
Symposium + Workshop Student/Auxillary - Early Bird$788Closed


Symposim Dentist/Orthodontist - Early BirdClosedSymposium + Workshop Dentist/Orthodontist - Early BirdClosedSymposium Dentist/OrthodontistClosedSymposium + Workshop Dentist/OrthodontistClosedSymposium Hygienist/OHT - Early BirdClosedSymposium + Workshop Hygienist/OHT - Early BirdClosedSymposium Student/Auxillary - Early BirdClosedSymposium + Workshop Student/Auxillary - Early BirdClosed
Contact Hours:

14.0 hrs


Fri, 21 February 2020

Start Time:

9:00 AM


3 Days


Lecture and Hands-on




ICC Sydney

Google map
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14 Darling Drive,
Sydney, New South Wales,
Australia, 2000

Australasian Clear Aligner ...
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Our Speakers

  • Dr Tony Weir 
  • Dr Steve Semaan
  • Dr Theo Baisi
  • Dr. Vandana Katyal
  • Dr Rhonda Coyne
  • Dr. John Hagiliassis
  • Dr. George Abdelmalek
  • Dr Cigdem Kipel
  • Dr Gustavo Vivaldi
  • Dr.Fadi Yassmin
  • Professor M. Ali Darendeliler
  • Dr. ‘Skip’ Truitt 
  • Dr Gautam Sridhar
  • Dr Jeffrey Kho 
  • Dr Sam Koh 
  • Dr Luke Cronin
  • Dr Dan Hanson
  • Dr David Hills
  • Dr Bill Gergis
  • Dr Donny Mandrawa
  • Dr Tina Raj
  • Dr George Marcells
  • Dr Steve Soukoulis
  • Dr Knox Kim

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