Uncover the best of New South Wales

New South Wales ticks all of the boxes for a varied and adventurous holiday.

With opulent properties poised in some of the best sites in the country, there is no better way to revel in the dizzying array of natural beauty that Australia has to offer.

This week-long journey will start off by bringing you around some of Sydney’s hottest spots before taking a scenic drive to the majestic Blue Mountains where you will spend your days hiking and horseback riding through the countryside. Cap your journey at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lord Howe Island where you can do everything from surfing on its eastern-facing beaches to scuba diving in the crystal clear waters of its lagoon.


  • Privately guided Sydney Harbour Cruise
  • Bush adventures in the wilderness getting up close and personal with the wildlife of the Blue Mountains
  • Wake up to stunning scenery every morning – be it gleaming cityscapes or sun-kissed coastal views
  • Water sports on Lord Howe Island

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